The Stroger Rein has come to an end

Since the day the Toddler was slid in through the backdoor into this position. From the way we were lied to about John Strogers condition when he first fell ill. Just dirty politics and political control.

And now we have voted in, almost a shoe in, since Cook County is mostly Democrat. And who is the GOP opponent? Who cares, they don't have a chance.

There was Dorothy Brown, the high falutant lawyer candidate, all fancy and flashy, someone most of Cook County could not relate to. Toni Preckwinkle got in on a slam dunk, the soft spoken, everyday person, former teacher, South Side girl had a better chance against all the fast talking glam of Brown.

Todd Stroger needs to find work since he has some financial problems. Maybe his friends and family that were given high paying jobs during his regime can help him. But really do we care?

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