60 days in jail for figure in Stroger patronage scandal

At least Scott Lee Cohen, who won the Democratic Primary for Lt. Governor has dropped out saving this state from further embarrassment. Now we are worried about who will replace Cohen. Scott Lee Cohen, had so many shady things from his past showing up that the list kept growing each and every day,tax problems, violence problems, drug problems

Reminders of why Toni Preckwinkle won the Democratic primary for Cook County President, keep coming. Tony Cole, and the hiring and firing of him, and Donna Dunnings, another patronage hire, and family member of Todd Stroger will continue to pop up in the news.

February 9, 2010 1:20 PM
Tony Cole, a key player in a patronage scandal involving Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, was sentenced today to 60 days in the DuPage County Jail.

Cole was convicted in December of violating his bail bond conditions in a DuPage County domestic violence case. At the same time, he was acquitted of battery, obstruction and resisting a peace officer charges.
He was taken into custody immediately after his sentence was delivered today.

Cole, 30, was charged with the four misdemeanors in September 2008 after appearing in court on charges of domestic battery for allegedly hitting a former girlfriend in the face.

The bail bond charge stemmed from being ordered by a judge not to have any contact with his former girlfriend. On the day of the domestic violence hearing, Cole argued with the woman in a hallway at the courthouse and tried to stop her from going into a courtroom, according to trial testimony.

Cole pleaded guilty last year to the initial domestic battery charge and was placed on a year's supervision.

-- Art Barnum

Scott Lee Cohen, thankfully resigned.
His ex-girlfriend, it turned out, is a convicted prostitute. And she accused him of holding a knife to her throat, a detail in the police report that Cohen didn't disclose when questioned earlier last week.

Now, a deeper examination of Cohen's past reveals many other instances where there are inconsistencies between his statements and public records.

He has been sued dozens of times for back taxes, had trouble paying his mortgage and has been cited numerous times by the city for building code violations and failing to pay water bills.

His ex-wife accused him of being a serial cheat who shot up illegally obtained steroids, physically abused her and failed to pay child support even as he spent millions of dollars of his own money to get elected. .

Democratic leaders got a serious case of buyer's remorse and called on him to quit the November ticket.

Illinois is no stranger to odd political twists, but Cohen may have set some unofficial speed record for landing on the griddle and appearing to disillusion supporters.

The Stroger Rein has come to an end

Since the day the Toddler was slid in through the backdoor into this position. From the way we were lied to about John Strogers condition when he first fell ill. Just dirty politics and political control.

And now we have voted in, almost a shoe in, since Cook County is mostly Democrat. And who is the GOP opponent? Who cares, they don't have a chance.

There was Dorothy Brown, the high falutant lawyer candidate, all fancy and flashy, someone most of Cook County could not relate to. Toni Preckwinkle got in on a slam dunk, the soft spoken, everyday person, former teacher, South Side girl had a better chance against all the fast talking glam of Brown.

Todd Stroger needs to find work since he has some financial problems. Maybe his friends and family that were given high paying jobs during his regime can help him. But really do we care?

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