Sould Todd be glad or sad?

This type of advertising is so wrong. So wrong on so many accounts. If Todd Stroger does not come out and denounce this, it will only hurt him. Two candidates endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, Alderman Preckwinkle, Cook County President candidate and Art Turner, Lt. Governor candidate are pictured.
Apparently Gator does not feel Toni Preckwinkle will help split the black vote for Cook County President, only Dorothy Brown and Danny Davis will do this.

The attack on the Daley's, both Mayor Richard, and Commissioner John was surprising since they both supported Todd Stroger so much in the past. Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele is also featured. Robert Steele, and John Daley voted against Todd Stroger for the sales tax repeal. In the past both of them voted with Todd.

This is just so tackless on so many accounts. Ignorant and immature is what the biggest message is. This is at a grade school level, lacking any substance, nothing but name calling.

Gator said he translated this flier because he is an Urban translator, and this is the language that would be understand.

People like Chicago's CLTV reporter Gerrard McClendon who wrote the book Ax or Ask? The African American Guide to Better English, would certainly not approve of this Urban Translation being used in campaign fliers. The flier also used an "S" on Billion, making it billions . That is one of many grammatical errors.

** Update: Todd did come out and let everyone know he is not thrilled with this. See last article.

Background on GatorJust two years ago at this hour of the morning Life would have
been sliding into the apartment after a night of selling crack in
front of his building, fingering a damp wad of bills in his pocket
and thanking his stars for making it through another night. His
credo in those days consisted of three words, "Watch your ass."
The customers would try to rob you," he tells. "The police, the
competition and even your own people might move on you." Life's
own people © then and now © are the Gangster Disciples. ¡

But Life isn't thinking about rock cocaine these days. It is
election day and he is thinking about votes. Life is one of
Bradley's Political Directors. For the past six months he has been
heading a voter registration drive in his project, coordinating
community rallies, and recruiting gang "shorties" for the political
movement. ¡

Life's apparent conversion is one of a series personal
transformations of South Side gang leaders that have left most
Chicagoans throughly unconvinced. Candidate Gator Bradley went to
jail for armed robbery in '75. When he emerged four years later, he
seemed a changed man. During lengthy prison conversations with
charismatic Gangster Disciple leader, Larry Hoover, Bradley
concluded that no matter how much loot he had made on the street,
it wasn't worth the prison time.
Wallace 'Gator' Bradley Sues Aaron Patterson's Attorneys In Burge Torture Case

Gator is also an Urban Translator

CHICAGO, Oct. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorney Edmund J. Scanlan filed a suit today in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of his client Wallace "Gator" Bradley against the law firms of Avila & Tomic LLC, Barry & Loewy LLP, and individually against Frank B. Avila and Ivan Tomic of Chicago and Adam Loewy and Carl Barry of Texas.

The suit seeks compensation of $238,475 owed to Mr. Bradley by the two law firms for his consulting work on the case involving former Chicago police Lt. Jon Burge and torture victim Aaron Patterson, who spent years on death row. The City of Chicago settled the case last December for five million ($5,000,000) dollars.

The consulting work that Mr. Bradley provided included services as an investigator, urban translator, and public relations advisor.

Despite written assurances from the defendant-attorneys that Mr. Bradley, "would be taken care of for all his help at the end of the case," the attorneys paid Mr. Bradley nothing.
Stroger and others react to this flier

Wallace "Gator" Bradley, a gang leader-turned-community activist, confirmed that he was among a group of "voters" behind the fliers created in recent weeks to unite the African-American community in Cook County. The flier has been mailed to and stuck in doors of residents throughout the county and posted on social networking sites.

Bradley suspects Irish Democrats in power are pushing the two African-American women in the race to run against Stroger, a move that could split the black vote and hand the Feb. 2 primary win to O'Brien.

"People are real upset, they're upset about a lot of things, they're upset about the campaign," he said, noting that he and others met at Wallace's Catfish Corner, 2800 W. Madison, twice in recent weeks to develop the flier. "We came up with the idea to educate the young generation."

"We put it in a language our community can understand, see, because I am an urban translator," Bradley said. The flier calls for people to join the "Soldiers 4 Stroger."

Told that some politicians are calling it offensive, Bradley said: "We are offended that Dorothy Brown and Preckwinkle are allowing themselves to be used," he said. He thinks white Machine Democrats put them up to running to push Stroger out of office.

On Tuesday, Stroger told reporters he had nothing to do with the flier and wouldn't comment beyond saying this was the first time he heard about it. On Monday, his campaign had issued a much stronger written statement: "The Stroger campaign does not endorse or condone this type of behavior or activity."

Preckwinkle said: "It's pretty despicable." O'Brien declined to comment. Brown issued a written statement: "This type of negative and sickening campaigning is the reason why I am running for County Board president, to bring professionalism, innovation, reform and taxpayer savings to Cook County."

Calls to Quinn and Mayor Daley weren't immediately returned. Steve Brown, a Madigan spokesman, said: "Is this supposed to help someone?"


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