Deborah Sims making something out of nothing...again

This is just blown way out of control. Cook County Commissioner Deborah Sims is accusing Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica of using "those folks" to mean something racist. Please Sims, try to not reach so far. Most Europeans, especially Eastern Europeans use this phrase a lot to talk about a group of people. For example "Some folks don't like to wear hats when it's cold out", or "Some folks got to the St. Patrick's day parade early and set up camp" or to refer to another person's family or group of friends, for example, "Were you at your folks for the Holiday'?", or "Are all those folks with you?".

This is a common term used by Eastern Europeans to refer to people, and nothing else. Maybe if Sims wants to make issue out of this then she could say Peraica was referring to Eastern Europeans, which would be less of a stretch than thinking it referred to members of the African American Community.
Deborah Sims needs to spend some time with Eastern Europeans and find out this is a very common way of referring to, and is a common term to refer to a group of people, and nothing else. This term refers to any people, just "people" with no racial or ethnic designation. Folks is a term completely interchangeable with People, constituents, or whatever term for human being you want to use and nothing else should be misconstrued.

Deborah Sims does not realize how ridiculous she is being about this. All your Eastern Europeans are rolling their eyes trying very hard to figure, how common terminology among your Eastern Europeans is now, really,... NOW.... all of a sudden according to Deborah Sims, who gave new meaning to this term, something so totally out of the ballpark, new meaning. No it is not a new term, and Eastern Europeans will support Tony Peraica when he defends himself against such ignorance, the ignorance of Deborah Sims. "Absurd and Ridiculous", is what Tony Peraica says about Sims interpretation of "Folks" and I totally agree with Tony Peraica. Deborah Sims needs to get educated, mingle with some Eastern Europeans, but after this absurd attack they are going to think she is racist against Eastern Europeans.

I could not believe what I heard when I woke up to news radio this morning. Yes, first thing I heard this morning, and half awake could not believe how out of context, rather a whole new meaning to "Folks" by none other than Commissioner Deborah Sims with cemetery issues in her district, calls of which were ignored by her, now she shows ignorance to all Eastern Europeans with this new allegation. This is they craziest interpretation of "Folks" I have ever heard. One more reason Deborah Sims needs to be voted out. Now a common Eastern European term for people has a new meaning, no thanks to Deborah Sims. Let's look at it as extreme ignorance and absurd sensitivity on Deborah Sims part.

The only thing that should be blown out of control and given time in the media is to how ignorant Deborah Sims is to Eastern Europeans.

Later on WGN radio Greg Jarret calling her a speed bump, is so correct. Sims needs to do her job, and forget about all the misinterpretations and all her extreme sensitivities and do her job.

Deborah Sims has now offended the Eastern European Community with this severe ignorance and misinterpretation of common, harmless terminology used by Eastern Europeans. Deborah Sims lost her votes by any Eastern Europeans, and Tony Peraica will have more Eastern Europeans coming out to vote for him. This ignorance is a lose-lose situation for Sims. Sims taking common, harmless Eastern European terminology and blowing it out of proportion, contorting it out of proportion, and manipulating it way out of context and meaning, the original harmless meaning, which translates to people.

This should be a wake up call for any of Sims constituents that she is not working for them. This shows Sims has other agenda's, not beneficial to her constituents. Is Sims giving attention to herself for free political ads? This is such a cheap shot at the Eastern Europeans for Sims to get some airtime and name recognition, if that's what she is doing. Attacking Tony Peraica for using the word "Folks" rather "those Folks" is low, and demeaning to Eastern Europeans making our common everyday speak now, racially charged. It's Sims that needs to be sensitive to the Eastern European Community when she chooses to attack us on common verbiage used in our Community that is harmless. It's Sims that needs sensitivity training, she obviously is insensitive to Eastern Europeans, as well as ignorant to their common language and culture. Is Sims drawing attention to something other than what she is not doing for her constituents, like a diversion for what she is or isn't doing in her position? When you make something out of nothing it is very non-productive.

Sims wondering why Peraica's fellow Republicans don't call him on his behavior? Why aren't Sims fellow Democrats not calling her on her behavior? Shouldn't that be the question? When Peraica used the term "folks" you can be rest assured his fellow Republicans did not flinch because this is not a negative term, for anyone, in any way shape or form. But Deborah Sims is spending too much effort, again, making something out of nothing.

As an Eastern European, I am very highly offended by Sims misconstruing common harmless terms used in everyday speak, in the Eastern European Community and turning them into some sort of racially charged terminology, which is so far off from the terminology, verbiage that it is offensive, ignorant, mean, and upsetting. If anyone is racist it is Sims against the Eastern European Community, taking harmless terminology and manipulating it to mean something she could use to attack. Sims' attack is not only on Commissioner Peraica but the whole Eastern European Community.

Commissioner Peraica accused of using racial slur for saying 'those folks'
Commissioner's criticism of use of phrase 'absurd:' Peraica
January 26, 2010

BY LISA DONOVAN Cook County Reporter
The phrase was "those folks."

But was it a racist slur? Or is that interpretation "absurd"?

Cook County Board Commissioner Tony Peraica discussed how cutting the county's share of the sales tax could help the unemployed.

The controversy began Tuesday at a Cook County Board meeting when Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica delivered another of his windy speeches.

Peraica, who is white and represents the western suburbs, was talking about how cutting the county's share of the sales tax could help the unemployed -- mentioning specifically how the African American community has been hit especially hard by joblessness and how "those folks" could benefit from slashing the tax.

"What we need to do is concern ourselves with the taxpayers. We had 70,000 foreclosures in Cook County last year, we have conventions leaving, we have 11.2 unemployment rate in Cook County," he said.

"In the African American community, it's probably 40, 50 percent unemployment, among males in particular. This is not the way to help them. The way to help those folks is to let them keep their money in their pockets."

At that point someone yelled out "Those folks?"

Peraica quickly responded: "All folks, all folks -- everybody who makes up Cook County."

But the original two words set off Commissioner Deborah Sims, an African American whose district covers Chicago's South Side and the south suburbs.

"I'm offended. 'Those folks?' If that isn't the most racist statement that's ever been made in this board," Sims fired back.

"You know, I'm not a person who ... calls people names, but you are the worst person I think I have ever seen," Sims said.

At one point Peraica, a Republican, interrupted Sims, a Democrat, saying "what does this have to do with anything?"

Sims said: "It's got a lot to do with everything."

But Peraica shot back: "I object to this personal attack -- under the guise of discussing an issue. This is outrageous and to pull out the race card is even more outrageous."

Sims at one point said that Peraica's fellow Republicans don't call him on his behavior, and the media has given him a pass as well.

Asked to respond to Sims' criticism, Peraica said: "It's absurd. I was referring to all the people of Cook County, those in foreclosure, those who are unemployed, underemployed."

Sims crybaby

If Deborah Sims would only do her job


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