Carlos Hernandez Gomez rest in peace

Carlos Hernandez Gomez

What a huge, HUGE loss this is for the City, County, State, his family, his wife, and his colleagues. Carlos was one of the best political reporters on the Chicago airwaves. He got the full story, he understood the politics and political relationships, he was very knowledgeable about all of it. In this town where our politicians are the most active, and fluid between, the city, county and state, it's very hard to keep up with them. But Carlos did, and he did it well. Carlos went after them, he made it hard for them to hide. Carlos' passing was covered on all the local Chicago News stations last night, showing that the quality of his work was known throughout the Chicago media. Carlos' hard work and vast knowledge was known throughout this state. It is a very sad, sad day in this City to loose one really good person, and one really good Political reporter. Carlos really loved his work, he really worked hard at it and it showed. He will be missed by all, even politicians. President Obama had a statement, Mayor Daley, Governor Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin. Carlos did high quality work, and earned the respect of colleagues, as well as the politicians he covered.
I remember the night he was on Chicago Tonight with Eddie Aruza interviewing him and doctors on colon cancer. I could not believe how brave Carlos was to be on a panel discussing colon cancer and letting viewers know he too had colon cancer. A very sad day in this City, County and State when Carlos passed.

Carlos Hernandez Gomez, a political reporter for CLTV, died Sunday after more than a yearlong bout with cancer. He was 36.

Mr. Hernandez Gomez was easily recognized for his trademark fedora, thick black glasses, bow ties and machine-gun style of questioning public figures. He filled his reports with his vast knowledge of local political characters and the city's rich political history.

A vibrant reporter, Mr. Hernandez Gomez covered major national and local stories, but mostly focused on local and state politics. He covered the administrations of former Govs. George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich, as well as Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and Cook County Presidents John and Todd Stroger.

He also covered legal affairs and the courts for CLTV, especially when some of those same politicians or employees of their administrations found themselves charged with crimes.

Before starting at CLTV in 2005, Mr. Hernandez Gomez covered local and national politics for WBEZ-FM, Chicago's NPR affiliate, and the Chicago Reporter. He also worked in Chicago for Los Angeles' Spanish language daily, La Opinion. He attended DePaul University and graduated from Quigley Preparatory Seminary North.

He received the Regional Edward R. Murrow Award in 2004 for Best Sports Reporting for "The Legend of the Billy Goat Curse."

Mr. Hernandez Gomez was first diagnosed with cancer in December 2008 and fought through numerous procedures, surgeries and chemotherapy. He died Sunday night at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Survivors include his wife, WGN-TV reporter Randi Belisomo Hernandez.

CLTV General Manager Steve Farber said in a statement:

"Carlos was passionate about his work. He was determined to expose the best and worst of Chicago politics, and dogged in his pursuit of a story.

He fought a courageous battle in the last year and was focused on returning to cover the stories he loved.

Our thoughts are with our colleague -- his wife Randi -- and their families."

Services are pending.


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