Peoples Gas discovers 4 new Prehistoric creatures

If I did not get my "Paperbillasaurus" in the mail this weekend, I would never have been educated on the four new Prehistoric creatures discovered by Peoples Gas. I have to admit that I have been paying bills online for some time, avoiding such creatures like the Stampadactyl, Checkosourus Rex and the Envelopatops. OK, since the Paperbillasaurus came with the Envelopatops, I did encounter the Envelaptaops, but not have to deal with another Envelapatops to put the Checkosouras Rex in, which also would have me deal with the Stampadactyl.
Seriously, most banks have electronic payment, where you put in all the bills you normally pay, Peoples Gas, The Chicago Tribune, ComEd, AT&T etc., most payments are electronically paid overnight without you having to give out your bank account number. With so many companies having breech of security, through hackers, why put your bank account number out there with so many sites? Maybe Peoples Gas should also encourage people to learn how to use their banks online payment as well?
Yes, AT & T emails you a bill, so do others. But with Peoples Gas sending new discoveries in the Paperbillasaurus, why miss out on this new discovery only privy to Peoples Gas Customers? cough,cough


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