Nice voter buttons to wear

The Chicago Tribune has some nice voter buttons. These are good reminders of who goes along with Todd Stroger. I am on the fence about whether Moreno needs to be voted out, but certainly agree the rest of the group pictured does.

Business along the Cook County border have signs in their windows or on Marquees. "NO Cook County Taxes" It is not hard to figure out when you have left Cook County by all these signs. I have done shopping many times just outside the Cook County Border myself, and when I am in the parking lot I see so many Chicago vehicle stickers, almost half. I know a few years back Cook County was loosing money on the car sales tax, but that was taken care of with a new law that requires the car dealers to collect taxes where the buyer is from, not where they are buying.

I have heard Commissioner Bill Beavers, talk of retirement. I am sure he will do things the County way, get in, then anoint daughter Darcel to his post, just like he did his Alderman's post to her when he was anointed the Cook County Commissioner post. Commissioner Butler appears to be half asleep at most County Board meetings, I am wondering if retirement isn't so far off for him either.

Commissioners Sims and Murphy, need to be voted out for so many reasons, from joining together to get their workers Shakmann decree exempt, to other things their constituents should be concerned about, should be voted out. Commissioner Sims has had calls on Burr Oak Cemetery before things blew up, and well things blew up, but not on her, Dan Hynes got most of the backlash. Commissioner John Daley has little to no competition, some unknown GOP is running against him. John Daley has the 13th ward in his district, one of the highest populous to come out and vote, whether their Alderman, Olivio who is usually unopposed or not. The 13th Ward is a solid Daley vote always, whichever Daley is running.


  1. Anonymous said...
    You REALLY believe 1 penny ran businesses away?? You pay more in gas than to drive to another county..and if you live near the borders you already crossed over before a 1 penny tax. Take into account that it DOES NOT apply to Groceries, Medicine or Big ticket items....Now WHat???
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    And while people are driving out of Cook County they fill up their tanks with lower taxed gas as well.

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