Dark Pin striped suits

I first turned on the television last night to C-Span, there was former Cook County Commissioner and now 5Th District Congressman Mike Quigley speaking in the House, dressed in a dark pin striped suit, with a gold paisley tie. He was saying that our enemies have no borders.

I then turned on local news to see Todd Stroger, also in a dark pin striped suit getting the endorsement of about 100 Ministers in Cook County. Todd Stroger went on to say there were no furlough days, and no black out days in Cook County. He went on to say the City and the State have deficits in there budgets, and his was in the black. He kept Cook County running, the health care system up and running, and Cook County is in the black. Todd Stroger did not mispronouce any words and looked, and sounded like a formidable candidate. One of the ministers pointed out that Todd's opponent's constituents, such as Danny Davis would like him to stay their 7th District Congressman, and that the others also have constituents that would like them to stay in their positions. He was referring to Brown, as Cook County Clerk, and Preckwinkle as 4th Ward Alderman.

Yes Todd Stroger looked and sounded like a good candidate, but in polls he has a 10% approval rating.

Stroger endorsersAbout 100 African-American ministers gave embattled Cook County Board President Todd Stroger their much-anticipated endorsement for re-election today, saying black voters must stay "united" or risk losing the government seats they hold.

Two of Stroger's three African-American rivals in the Democratic primary boycotted the ministers' stated attempt to find a "consensus" black candidate because they said the group was dominated by Stroger supporters, and the outcome was pre-ordained.

Bishop John Richard Bryant said of the endorsement, "It's about the people in this city who need quality leadership."

"Quality! Quality!" shouted a minister in the audience at Quinn AME Chapel.

"You da man!" Rev. Joanne Long said hugging Stroger. That prompted chants of "You da man! You da man!"

"We stand with him as we stood with his father, John Stroger. We stood with that giant as we are now standing with his son," Bishop Cody Marshall said.

Accepting the endorsement, Stroger extended an olive branch to his rivals Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.), Ald. Toni Preckwinkle (4th) and Clerk of the Court Dorothy Brown, inviting them to join his campaign. Davis and Preckwinkle did not seek the ministers' support.

All three have said they planned to stay in the race despite today's long-anticipated endorsement. Supporters of the other candidates say they fear Stroger is too unpopular to hold the seat even if he won the Democratic primary.

Only one white candidate, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District President Terry O'Brien, is in the race, and these ministers say he will win if all four African-American candidates stay in the race.

Stroger said these ministers will help tell their congregations "the truth" about what a good job Stroger has done as County Board president


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Pin stripe suit?? The Toddler should be wearing an orange jumpsuit.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Note him in the orange shirt, checking out the color with his complexion.

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