Stroger's ratings tank, and the new Steele rift

Even though Todd Stroger has a lower rating than Rod Blagojevich ever had, Todd may still be a force to be reckoned with the next Cook County Presidential Election.
OK, I have to give Todd credit for going to Stroger hospital when he injured his head during a basketball game. At least it shows that he is not to be a patient at one of the medical facilities under his jurisdiction.
Robert Steele did not go with the Stroger flow, as his mother, Bobbie Steele who anointed him the position did. Bobbie Steele for the most part supported Todd, as well has his father John Stroger before him.
When Robert Steeles' brother, Byron Steele lost his job, and was told it was due to a higher up decision, that did not set well with the Steele family. I am sure this will affect how Robert Steele supports issues. If this was, and many think it was, of Todd Stroger's doing, then this was not a good move for Todd Stroger.

Byron Steele believes it was revenge. His brother, Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele, had voted twice against County Board President Todd Stroger’s veto of a sales tax repeal.

Today’s firing does not sit well with the politically prominent Steele family.

Bryon’s mother is Bobbie Steele, Todd Stroger’s immediate predecessor in the president’s post, who served as interim head of the Cook County Board after his father, then-President John Stroger was felled by a massive stroke in 2006. Though she considered seeking the nomination herself, Bobbie Steele retired and threw her support behind Todd Stroger.

Reached at home this afternoon, she told NBC5 and the Sun-Times, “I’m angry, I don’t believe in revenge to anybody.”

Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele expressed his own outrage.

“Politics are being played...It’s a terrible thing,” he said by phone, adding, “I’ve stood by Todd on everything. The sales tax veto was the only issue on which we disagreed.”

Commissioner Steele said he called the president, “But Todd is not returning my phone calls.” Commissioner Steele said he believes others are also in the process of being terminated but declined to provide details.

Byron Steele’s $100,000 a year job has been to manage the 5 million square foot physical plant for the Cook County Department of Corrections, supervising the maintenence of the entire jail compound including 180 tradesmen and engineers.

Called in by his boss, James D’Amico, Byron Steele said he was told, “‘This is a decision from the president, it comes from on high.”


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    I think he hit his head a long time ago.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Hey Kitty where have you been?
    SP Biloxi said...
    The pic of Urkel, the CC Board Prez is priceless.

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