Introducing Edward Reyes, and goodbye Jim and Jose

What a news day, first off the White Sox traded Thome and Contreras. I am glad to have been at games where Jose pitched and Thome hit home runs for the Sox.
Edward Reyes is now the 8th District Commissioner, replacing Roberto Maldonado now 26th Ward Alderman. Reyes is a former bodyguard to Blagojevich, and recently current Governor Quinn. Reyes joins the board just in time for the repeal vote of the Todd Stroger sales tax hike.
Today we now have higher sales tax in Illinois. This is probably the most confusing tax hike. Candy, liquor, toiletries are among some of the new higher taxed items. Some things that are considered candy aren't because of flour content, some things that weren't considered candy are now.New higher taxed items in Illinois starting September 1
The Chicago City Council will have a finance meeting today, most importantly on the Olympics.Chicago City Council meet today
And finally Blagojevich has a new tell all book out today. Rod Blagojevich, the author

Thome and Contreras headed out west

MINNEAPOLIS -- With the S.S. South Sider in full-fledge sink mode, Captain Ken Williams was frantically trying to lighten the load with anything that wasn't nailed down.

A big piece of cargo was tossed overboard Monday night after yet another embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Twins, this time 4-1, on a road trip filled with embarrassments.

The White Sox have dealt veterans Jim Thome and Jose Contreras.

With an 11 p.m. deadline for players to be moved and be playoff-eligible for their new team, an ESPN report had White Sox general manager Williams sending out a list of players that were available, including Jim Thome, Jermaine Dye, Scott Linebrink, Scott Podsednik, Jose Contreras and Octavio Dotel.

By the time the deadline passed, Thome was sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Contreras to the Colorado Rockies.

But that wasn't the only news the team received after dropping to 1-7 on this dismal road trip. The MRI exam of Jake Peavy's elbow showed no structural damage, but there was fluid in the elbow after it was hit by a comebacker in a rehab start Aug. 24 for Class AAA Charlotte.

It sounds like good news, but considering the Sox are 64-68 and six games behind the first-place Detroit Tigers in the American League Central, there might not be a reason to pitch Peavy this season.

It was just Sunday that manager Ozzie Guillen insisted of the series against the Twins, ''The next three games, win or we're out. If we don't win this series in Minnesota, I don't think this ballclub is going to be as high as it can be.''

New Cook County commissioner appointed
May give board 14 votes needed to kill sales-tax hike

September 1, 2009

BY ABDON B. PALLASCH, Sun-Times News Group
Just in time for a critical vote on repealing Cook County's higher sales tax, a new commissioner has been appointed to the 17-member board.

Democratic committeemen on Chicago's Northwest Side on Monday chose Illinois State Trooper Edwin Reyes to replace Commissioner Roberto Maldonado, who resigned recently to become Chicago's 26th Ward alderman.

County board President Todd Stroger has vetoed the board's rollback of the controversial sales-tax increase, which took effect July 1, 2008 and boosted the county share of the tax by one percentage point to 1.75 percent. Commissioners have been trying to muster the 14 votes needed to override Stroger's veto.

That looked unlikely after Maldonaldo resigned. But Commissioner John Daley (D-Chicago), chairman of the board's finance committee, said that with Reyes' appointment the board now has the 14 votes to rescind the tax hike in a vote scheduled for today.

Meanwhile, Maldonado complained Monday that even though his county board seat has been a Hispanic seat, Chicago Ald. Dick Mell (33rd) got his way in picking a replacement other than the candidate that Maldonado preferred.

"I think was a battle between a group of Latino committeemen and possibly Mell and others," Maldonado said. "Mell thinks he still needs to control the future fate of the Latino politics on the North Side."

Mell denied that, saying "it's very difficult to deny the ethnic background of Ed Reyes."

Reyes, 46, was born in Chicago to Puerto Rican parents and for 18 months ran a Puerto Rican restaurant called Isabel's.

For the past three years, he has served as a state police bodyguard for Gov. Patrick Quinn and for indicted former Gov. Rod Blagojevich.


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    What was with the Sox dropping three at home to the Skankees?

    Someone better watch themselves cleaning out the visitors' locker room. Who knows what kind of used steroid needles are lying around.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Painful, very painful for the Sox and their fans.

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