Taste of Chicago 2009 review

This year at the Taste of Chicago they rearranged the vendors. Instead of having the vendors back to back in the center of the road they put them on the edges so people would have a larger area to walk in.
There are a lot of people that still don't know how to go with the flow of traffic, and also people with strollers want to stop where ever they feel like so as to bottleneck the foot traffic. All in all it was an improvement for foot traffic flow.

The Budweiser Clydesdale were in an area north east of Buckingham fountain that was under trees, which was good. They had them right by Buckingham fountain before, where there was no shade, even though they are in tents.
Buckingham fountain has had some renovations over the Winter and Spring, where they replaced that fine gravel for paving stones. The paving stones were a nice improvement, especially when you wear sandals and get gravel in your shoe. They also added and International market this year around Buckingham fountain for the Taste of Chicago. It did not look like a lot of people were buying much of anything. I just walked by them, so I can't comment if the prices were outrageous or not.

The taste portions of most items were 4 tickets, most were 3 last year, and I can remember when they were 2 tickets. It seems most items cost more tickets overall this year.

This year they had a flash frozen popcornciscle at Garrett's. It was 6 tickets, my son was the one who tried this. It quickly de-thawed and tasted like cold popcorn I was told. Costo's had a decent size Gyro, and their taste portion of Greek Sausage was a full sausage in a smaller pita, it could have used some type of sauce though, but it was the biggest taste portion there. The Canady Le Chocolatier ran out of the Chocolate Gelato, while we were there, and that was also the taste portion flavor. They said more was on the way, but they substituted the peanut butter gelato for the taste portion, and many left the line. My son was in line for the peanut butter gelato anyhow so we stayed in line. The C’est Si Bon was new last year with it's sweet potato cheesecake, my son thought it was so good last year that he had to have it again this year. He thought it was just as good as last years Sweet potato cheesecake.
Lagniappe-Creole Cajun Joynt was out of crawfish. My other son went to Oak Street Beach Café and got shrimp on a skewer which was 12 tickets this year instead of the 10 tickets last year. He said it was very good, but he got two servings of it since one was not enough.

The water ride was not here again this year, just the Ferris wheel by Balbo. Also by Balbo another music stage was set up, and the Olympic promotion area was there as well. There was also another Olympic promotion area by the main entrance.

This year there were only a few entrance points where you had to stop and have your bags checked by either security or Chicago Police. It was about the same as going to The Cell when you enter through the gates.


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