Politics is in full season in Illinois

Lisa Madigan will run for third term as Attorney GeneralLast night Lisa Madigan was on Chicago Tonight with a one on one interview with Carol Marin.
Lisa Madigan says she loves her job, and wants to continue doing it. Lisa Madigan also said that when she asked many Politicians what regrets they have had with their careers they always said they wished they had more time with their families, and that resonates with her.
When Carol Marin asked her if she had discussions with Obama, Lisa said that they were State Senators together, and have been friends for many years before he was President and she was talking to him as a friend.
Now that Lisa Madigan will run for a third term as AG, others are considering Governor, or Senator. Some that may have considered AG may not. This is going to get interesting as many consider putting their hats in the ring.
Lisa Madigan's announcement is sure to bring a lot more news, and candidates out.

Back on the Cook County side a lot of interest is in running for Cook County President. Forrest Claypool now said he will not run again. Danny Davis says he is seriously considering it. Tom Dart is certainly in for the run, along with Toni Preckwinkle, and Larry Suffredin. As we all know the rumor mill has Bill Beavers thinking of retiring. Maybe Beavers won't retire until Todd is defeated then anoint his daughter Darcel to the Cook County Commissioner post. When Bill Beavers was first anointed John Stroger's Cook County Commissioner post, he then left his Alderman post to his daughter Darcel, who lost the 7th Ward to Sandi Jackson, wife of Congressman Jesse Jr.
Also in the last elections for Cook County Board members, Bobbie Steele won, or rather was re-elected, only to give up, rather, anoint, son Robert Steele to her post. So even though there will be elections coming up in Cook County, there could be a lot of movement right afterwards.
Come to think of it is Tony Peraica going to run for something other than Commissioner?

Danny Davis might take on Todd Stroger for CC PresidentDanny Davis Strongly Considers Run for Cook County Board President
Produced by Mekea Williamson on Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Davis says a poll he took could influence some candidates not to run for Cook County Board president in 2010.

DAVIS: Some of them may find out before its time to file that running for them would be rather futile.

But Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown says she's not backing down.

BROWN: It's my understanding from Congressman Davis, his intial interviews that he did not poll Dorothy Brown. Therefore, he cannot indicate that he is far out in head of Dorothy Brown, because he did not poll Dorothy Brown.

Meanwhile, Chicago Alderman Toni Preckwinkle says she's not concerned about any polls right now. The alderman says she has already raised more than $400,000 for her campaign. Other candidates considering a run include incumbent Todd Stroger, Commissioner Larry Suffredin and Sheriff Tom Dart.


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...

    Where is the countdown to the July 12th anniversary of Disco Demolition Night? ;-)
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I was way too young to experience that one first hand, but it was quite an event in Chicago History.
    Also Garry Meir is back on the radio, oddly enough at WGN, and doing well. Steve is writing for the Suntimes, and I loved hearing him on Jack FM on the morning drive. He was so funny covering Drew Peterson! Thanks for stopping by Kitty!

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