What kind of friends and company did Blagojevich keep?

I figured Burris was smart enough not to get himself in trouble. Yes his answered the questions vaguely, and that way purposely I am sure. After all he was the Attorney General for the State of Illinois at one time, and he should know a thing or two about the law, and being evasive, and not incriminating himself.

On Chris Kelly, gambling problems, drinking problems, and Blagojevich had him for a fundraiser? I guess he will have time to sober up while in jail. It was probably smart of him to plead guilty, instead of dragging this all out and having more skeletons come out of the closet, also this way the judge gave him a lighter sentence. ~~Rumors have it that Harris and Monk will also plead guilty. That is looking like a lot of possible cooperating individuals, and this should make Blagojevich nervous.

Patti Blagojevich, wife of the former Governor, is now on a reality show in the jungle. I give her credit for not putting her head in the bug cage. I could not watch much of the show since they had contestants drinking bug cocktails with pieces floating. I don't have that strong of a stomach, and there are better uses for my time. But Patti bailed out of the jungle and is expected to land in Chicago sometime today. I am sure she stayed long enough to get the amount of money the Blagojevich's need to live off for a while. ~~Rumors have her making $200-$250K, which is at least four times what your average Chicago family lives off in a year.

A prosecutor in central Illinois did and he's now saying there isn't enough evidence to charge Burris with perjury for statements he made before the Illinois House Impeachment Committee.

Sangamon County State's Attorney John Schmidt said today that while some of Burris' statements were vague, they wouldn't support a perjury charge.

"I cooperated at every phase of the process and I have said from the beginning, I have never engaged n any pay-to-play, never perjured myself, and came to this seat in an honest and legal way, " Burris said in a statement.

Burris was appointed to President Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate seat by former Gov. Rod Blagojevich after the FBI arrested Blagojevich on corruption charges. Those charges include allegations that Blagojevich tried to sell the seat for political

In January, Burris was called before a House committee investigating Blagojevich. Burris initially said he had no contact with Blagojevich or his supporters. Later, he changed his statement, saying he had talked to several aides and had discussed
hosting a fundraiser for the governor.
"I am glad I can now put this matter behind me and get on with my work in the United States Senate serving the people of Illinois," Burris

Ex-Blagojevich Fundraiser Gets 37 Months In Prison
Roofing Contractor Pressured By Feds To Testify Against Blagojevich In Upcoming
A roofing contractor who helped ousted governor Rod Blagojevich raise millions of campaign dollars has been sentenced to 37 months in prison.

Chris Kelly of Frankfort was accused of hiding company funds to buy a house and pay gambling debts. The 50-year-old Kelly is the former chairman of the Friends of Rod Blagojevich campaign fund.

His voice cracking with emotion, Kelly told Judge Elaine Bucklo, "I am deeply sorry to the court, and my family, and people I embarrassed by my actions. I know they're wrong. I'm sorry, your honor."
Kelly also must pay $600,000 in restitution for tax fraud.

The question now is whether Kelly will maintain that silence with the feds, or whether he'll start singing about his dealings with Blagojevich.
"I think it's fair to say that as of right now he's not cooperating, but you never know," CBS 2 legal analyst Irv Miller said. "When you've got to pack your toothbrush and start marching off to a penitentiary, you sometimes re-evaluate your position."

Kelly pleaded guilty in January. He admitted not only using company funds to pay a bookie and a casino but to buy and furnish a home.
The tax case is only the start of Kelly's problems. Kelly has also been indicted in a kickback scheme involving O'Hare terminal roofing contracts.
As as the one-time top fundraiser for Blagojevich


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