It's good to be a South Sider

As if the cost of gas getting close to $3 a gallon in the City isn't high enough, now there are other fees to driving that are.
Here is where it is good to be a South Sider. We don't have the parking issues associated with the rest of the city. Rarely do we have to worry about paying a meter in our day to day activities, almost all local businesses have enough parking.

We all know where the red light camera's are by now, and know how to spot them if they add more. Well, mostly if you don't blow red lights and stop when you see a yellow before you get to the intersection,.... well if you go back to basic Driver's Ed principles taught in the CPS, now you can put them to use to avoid a red light ticket, and a refresher driver education course at $25.

Most South Siders I know, myself included, take CTA when going into the Loop, or North Side. Yep, when I venture to the North Side, which is not frequent.

Why public transportation is the answer
Motorists nabbed by Chicago’s Big Brother network of red-light cameras already get slapped with $100 fines.

If the City Council’s most powerful alderman has his way, they’ll also have to go back to school — at a cost of $25.

At today’s City Council meeting, Burke introduced an ordinance directing the city’s Department of Administrative Hearings to launch a “red light education program”—both on-line and in person—bankrolled by charging red-light runners a $25 fee in addition to the $100 ticket.

Motorists who fail to complete training would pay an additional $50 fine.

Burke noted that teen drivers who receive traffic tickets in Illinois are already required to complete mandatory education programs, contributing, in part, to a 40 percent drop in teen deaths in 2008.

As if parking your car wasn't high enoughChicago motorists will now have to fork over more money at parking meters thanks to a plan that privatizes the city’s 35,000 meters. Mayor Daley unveiled a $1.15-billion bid today that would lease the city’s meters to Chicago Parking Meters LLC, which is made up of Morgan Stanley infrastructure funds. If the 75-year deal is approved by the City Council on Thursday, parking meter fees will jump to at least $1 per hour. That means the days of spending only a quarter for an hour are over. Parking spots that already charge $1 per hour are now bumped to $2 and meters costing $3 per hour will now be $3.50. But aldermen must approve any further rate increases after the first five years. The deal also includes more pay-and-display boxes and pay-by-phone options, which eliminates old-fashioned “pay-by-cash” meters. So the days of driving up to a meter and finding it’s already


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    It's safe to say that the air we breathe or if we sneeze the wrong way that there will be a surcharge or fee.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    The parking, especially in the Loop and on the North Side was ridiculous already, now it's worse.

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