Could anyone more stupid with finances work for Todd?

What I can't figure out is why Todd Stroger would hire someone this stupid? Donna Dunnings is no better than Todd, maybe even worse since he worked for her, she bailed him out of jail twice, and let him work in the finance department with her.

Tony Cole did not belong in the finance department for many reasons, but making $61K a year and not having to pay for housing should have kept a single guy, living in Chicago, not a high priced area like LA, in enough funds to stay out of trouble. There are many raising a family and paying a mortgage or rent on that kind of money or less, he obviously could not handle his own finances.

But will this come back to haunt Todd for the next election? Or will he be Teflon Todd because he fired Donna Dunnings? Not that Donna Dunnings was all that sharp with finances either, and certainly the finance Chair John Daley could use a finance course or two.

On a sad note today, we lost long time Chicago Tonight Newsman John Callaway passed away last night.

Former County Staffer Cole Was Paid While In Jail
Cole Was Released Monday In Most Recent Case CHICAGO (CBS)Sparks could fly at Tuesday's Cook County Board meeting, after the man in the middle of a hiring scandal was released from jail, and new revelations said he still collected a paycheck while incarcerated.

Tony Cole held a $61,000-a-year county job, but he was fired by County Board President Todd Stroger for failing to report a felony conviction on his job application. He had been convicted of writing bad checks.

"Taxpayers really should be outraged that at this time in our economic situation monies are being spent on a two-time felon who was charged and put in jail twice within a month after her was hired and is given a promotion on top of it? This is only happening in Cook County, nowhere else in the world," Republican Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica said. "I am outraged."

"My understanding is that the state's attorney's office is investigating. I think that's pretty serious allegations of fraud here that ought to be investigated and the facts ought to be brought to light," said Democratic Commissioner Forrest Claypool.

The former steakhouse busboy and onetime college basketball star ran from a mob of cameras as he ran out of the security gate at the Cook County Jail on Monday and boarded a waiting CTA bus on California Avenue.

Cole was an assistant to former county Chief Financial Officer Donna Dunnings, who is Stroger's cousin.
She signed off on paid excused absences for Cole's three times.

Tony Cole, the convicted felon at the center of Cook County Board President Todd Stroger's patronage hiring scandal, has called the McGill Terrace Apartments on the South Side home since February of last year.
The apartments are provided either free, or at reduced monthly rent, for those with a low income. Now a government agency is asking a simple question: How did Cole worm his way into a federally funded free studio apartment?
Federal rules say Cole could only live in the subsidized studio apartment if he made less than $24,000 a year

This cop got off easyChicago police Officer Anthony Abbate was sentenced to two years probation today for beating a female bartender in a drunken rampage at a Northwest Side bar.

The Feb. 19, 2007, incident gained worldwide notoriety when surveillance-video footage of Abbate pummeling Karolina Obrycka streamed across the Internet. The videotape was instrumental in former Police. Supt. Phil Cline’s resignation.

Obrycka, who was in the courtroom for the sentencing, said she was disappointed with the sentence — and because Abbate never said he was sorry.
“I’m disappointed that he didn't apologize for what he did,” she said.

Cook County Circuit Judge John Fleming also imposed a home curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. and ordered Abbate to perform 130 hours of community service.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Its funny you say that about Cook county. President Stroger has a balanced budget..Does Quinn??? Nope 12 Billion in the hole...Your Mayor...Nope 300 million..

    Stroger 0
    Yeah Yeah your gonna say "But he increased the sales tax a PENNY" and that doesnt affect medicine and groceries. Focus on where the other 8.25 percent goes..why just complain about Cook County's piece. I dont and have never taken the METRA so why is it acceptable to people to suypport that..Where is the outrage?
    But HE doesnt know finance. Find something real to complain about but please dont distort the truth.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "What I can't figure out is why Todd Stroger would hire someone this stupid?"

    You have the ask the obvious. Clueless hiring clueless.
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