Who would of ever thought shots would be fired in Riverside?

Riverside? Yep shots fired in Riverside, and the perpetrator did not even make sure they had a quite getaway vehicle. You would have thought someone would have called the police with and older vehicle needing a muffler loose in Riverside? Yep, Riverside also hometown to Judy Baar Topinka.

Todd Stroger who was the 8Th Ward Alderman under Mayor Daley did not hold back on letting everyone know about Daley's tax increases? How many did the Toddler vote for as he sat for Alderman?
The only support the Toddler now has is from the South Side guys Club, that being Commissioners Beavers, Steele, and Butler.

~~and a small note, since way too much media attention has been brought on by this individual most of it by his own promoting.

Glad they got Drew Peterson in jail. I only hope he will be there a while. Since he was a cop for almost 30 years, and well paid obviously by reports of him receiving an almost $7K a month pension, he may know how to cover up a crime. Rather get away with murder, at least once if not twice.

I am sure he has done everything he can to taint the potential jury pool, all his self promotion. Who knows maybe he is also a folk hero to guys seeing this old fart get so many young chics for girlfriends?

Was Peraica's Home Target Of Gunfire?
Shots Hit Front Of County Commissioner's Neighbor's Riverside and Peraica

A gunman fired shots at Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica's neighbor's house in west suburban Riverside, and his assistants say they believe Peraica's house was the intended target.

At about 4:11 a.m. Wednesday, Riverside police responded to a residence in the 300 block of Scottswood Road, after an unknown person or persons fired seven bullets at the residence.

Police had earlier received two reports of possible gunshots fired in the area around 3 a.m.

Peraica (R-16th) told CBS 2 that around 3 a.m. Wednesday, he heard gunfire and got up to look out, but didn't see anything. "A loud popping sound woke me up, several in rapid succession. I got up and looked out but didn't see anything. I figured it was just kids in the nature preserve."
President Todd Stroger found himself politically isolated Wednesday as he rethought his pledge to block the repeal of an unpopular sales-tax increase.

Hours after Stroger said he may have too hastily vowed to veto the tax rollback, which commissioners approved a day earlier, Mayor Richard Daley called last year's 1-percentage-point tax increase "very questionable" and repealing it "something that I think they had to do."

The mayor's brother, county Finance Committee Chairman John Daley (D-Chicago), voted Tuesday to repeal the tax increase he once supported and said he did not know if Stroger would have his backing should he run for re-election next year.

Stroger did little to avoid a rift with the Daleys.

"Well, you know, the mayor passed nine taxes in two years," Stroger said. "Let's see you write about that, and then I'll talk to you about everything else."

Daley's last two budgets, which are twice as large as the county's spending plans, raised taxes and fees by more than $320 million a year. The county's sales-tax increase was expected to generate $426 million a year.


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