A vote of "Present" is a vote for Todd

The newspapers voted Commissioner Murphy the most confused on this issue, because she changed her mind so many times. I personally think she is always confused. Commissioner Murphy has District 6 which borders the next county, maybe her businesses put pressure on her? Murphy must get calls and emails daily from her businesses that see their customers drive accross the nearby border to do business, maybe that's why she changed her mind again.

Commissioner Sims on the other hand, who I knew would vote along Stroger lines gave me no surprise. Sims claims she has no businesses in her district (5) but she forgets that she needs to keep whatever businesses she has, and to encourage new businesses. Sims also forgets she has constituents that pay taxes. I would give Sims the runner up award for most confused.

Commissioner Moreno voted with Stroger on this one. I can't figure out why, he has a lot of businesses in his area. He also has a nice tourist destination, China Town. I don't know what he is thinking. Honestly, I can't figure out what is up with Moreno, his district is right next to mine, and it is full of businesses, many I frequent. I am still surprised on this one.

Commissioner Steele voted "Present", maybe because he will have to win his district on his own next election. As you recall, his Mom, Bobbie Steele, who was Commissioner Steele, had district 2, and Robert was annointed this post from her. This district includes Hyde Park, University of Chicago, well, President Obama's area, which is full of businesses. What a chicken out vote that helps Stroger out.

Commissioner Collins, in a district (1) full of business and constituents voted "Present". I know she said she wanted more time to go over everything, and to figure out where revenue would come from to replace the tax. But this could cost her votes the next election.

I was not surprised that Todd Stroger's biggest ally, Bill Beavers voted with him, he is part of the South Side boys club, along with Jerry Butler. I wonder if Joseph Moreno is going to join the South Side boys fan club of Todd's?

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  1. Urbanleftbehind said...
    Re: Moreno:

    I think Todd had his "Maybe Cook County Hospitals stop treating undocumented patients" sit down that he reportedly tried with Comm. Maldonado a couple years back.

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