Yes, John Daley has a lot to worry about

Commissioners: Joan Murphy, Deborah Sims, Jerry Butler, Bill Beavers and Tony Peraica did not sign the letter to David Orr, Cook County Clerk asking for a Special Meeting to have the Stroger Administration present to the Board all procedures and precautions taken to ensure the integrity of any financial system, accounts bonds or any other activity directly under the control of the Chief Financial Officer, (Donna Dunnings). Of course Bill Beavers did not sign the letter, he is one of Todd's biggest supporters, he followed him to the County when Todd became President to help him out. Joan Murphy and Deborah Sims have teamed up together on some questionable matters due to getting their staff exempt from the Shakman decree, so I am not surprised here.

This all came on the letterhead of John Daley, Chairman Committee on Finance. This was a surprise. John Daley has been one of Todd's biggest defenders. I wonder if it is because this affects the Finance Department, of which John Daley is Chair, so he is going to get out in front of it to cover himself. Tony Cole had a job in the finance department. How does anyone get a job in a finance department without a criminal background check? Yes, John Daley should be worried, this guy has a long rap sheet, and some of it including financial misconduct. Yes, they should be worried about what Tony Cole had access to, as far a sensitive information, bank accounts, credit cards, authorizations for approving spending.

Why would Todd Stroger go on Chicago Tonight and get interviewed by Carol Marin? She is one of the best interviewers in this town and Todd is no match for her. When Lance Tyson was Chief of Staff for Todd, Lance would appear on these types of interviews. Now Lance Tyson has left his post, and Joe Fratto took over for a short time, that is until he was promoted to Donna Dunnings post, on her resignation/firing? Some news sources are calling it a firing, even though she put in a resignation letter, be it a forced one, but none-the-less, a resignation letter.

Stroger acknowledged that another of his top lieutenants, Eugene Mullins, accompanied Dunnings to bail Cole out of jail -- confirming a fact first reported by Chicago Sun-Times reporter Mark Konkol on the newspaper's Web site Monday nightStroger, though, liked what he saw when he met Cole, a restaurant busboy, and decided to hire him for a county job -- as an administrative assistant to Dunnings. Stroger said he knew something about Cole's troubled background in Georgia, but not the entire story.

After he started his county job, Cole got in trouble repeatedly, getting thrown in jail twice for allegedly violating an order of protection against an ex-girlfriend.

Each time, his boss, Dunnings, bailed him out.

After the last time he was bailed out, Cole didn't get fired -- he got a promotion at his county job.


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    I think the Toddler was a no show on another TV news show this morning. The cat has to leave for work--they said he was late and did not know where he was.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Wow, what a mess Kitty.

    They need a full and complete audit with a well qualified outside audit firm.

    Unbelievable, no background check on Cole, and who knows how many others? And they are in the finance department? Everyone in the County should demand a thorough outside audit.

    When is Todd and Donna going to end up at the Dirksen Building?

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