Special CC meeting about special President and his cousin

What? Doesn't Stroger know he has enough problems already? Like maybe there is a special CC meeting taking place to address some of them. Now he hires someone who is already collecting CC pension, to a forest preserve post.
Couldn't he find someone who really needed to work? Dennis Magee, Stroger's new hire is already a Mayor, and collection CC pension. I can't believe there were no applicants that, were out of work, needed a job, that could have filled this. We had thousands of people line up in the rain for a few hotel, tip only positions, and who does Todd pick?

It should be interesting what will come out of today's meeting.

By KIM JANSSEN, Staff Writer
Cook County may be struggling with an ongoing financial crisis, but board President Todd Stroger has found taxpayer cash to hire another connected south suburban supporter to a $61,000-a-year job.

Merrionette Park Mayor Dennis Magee - also a Democratic Committeeman for Worth Township - is due to start work Friday working as an administrative assistant for the Cook County Forest Preserve District, according to district spokesman Steve Mayberry.

Magee, 61, has been collecting a pension from the county since retiring in August from County Clerk David Orr's staff.

He worked for the clerk's office for 24 years and retired on a salary of $82,000, Orr spokeswoman Courtney Greve said.

The forest preserve district position has been empty for six months and is exempt from the Shakman decree that outlaws patronage hiring, Mayberry said.

Stroger "isn't legally obliged," to open up the position to outside applicants, Mayberry added, pointing out that the district is not facing the same financial difficulties as other branches of county government.

Though Stroger has patronage privileges over both the forest preserve district and Cook County, the two authorities have separate taxing powers, meaning Magee can legally collect his pension from the county while being paid by the Forest Preserve.

Magee will be in charge of bicycle and Kayak concessions and dog, horse and snowmobile licensing, Mayberry said.

The hiring adds Magee to a county payroll that already includes several Democratic Committeemen Stroger will rely on in his 2010 re-election bid, including the committeemen for Palos, Calumet, Bloom and Thornton Townships.

Stroger last week announced plans to cut the county sales tax by 0.25 percent, saving customers 25 cents on every $100 they spend.

Magee did not return calls seeking comment Wednesday.

Kim Janssen can be reached at kjanssen@southtownstar.com or (708) 633-5998.


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    It seems ironic to put a patronage hire in charge of DOG licensing.

    The question is, which one has the higher I.Q.? The patronage hire or the dogs?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Well Kitty you be the judge by this tid bit
    Toddler fact check

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