Joe Fratto now former Toddler Chief of Staff, now CFO of CC

Cousin Donna Dunnings out, Joe Fratto in.

As if Joe Fratto wasn't looking stressed enough lately. I wonder if he knew about Toddler's Cousin Donna and her choice to hire Tony Cole? It appears as though Donna Dunnings has the same taste in bad boys as former Alderman Arenda Trout does.
I have posted a picture of Todd with Tom Glaser, who he moved out of the CFO position when becoming President. Todd soon moved Donna Dunnings into Tom Glaser's old post. Did Donna Dunnings resign from pressure from Todd? Or did the pressure from Todd's Chief of Staff, Joe Fratto, cause Donna to step down? Funny that Joe Fratto will now have Donna's job. The next question is going to be: Who will be the new Chief of Staff for Todd?

Tom Glaser to another postCook County, Ill.'s long-serving former chief financial officer, Thomas Glaser, will join the office of county treasurer Maria Pappas Monday following his resignation this week from his position in the county's procurement office. Glaser, served as county CFO for 11 years under President John Stroger, Todd's father.
Glaser's departure was among several resignations and demotions expected this week in a reported shakeup in board President Todd Stroger's administration, according to published reports

Cook County chief financial officer Donna Dunnings has resigned under pressure from her cousin, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger.

The resignation comes in the wake of Dunnings' disclosure of a personnel matter that could affect her ability to do her job as chief financial officer, according to a statement issued by Stroger's office.

Stroger asked for and accepted Dunnings' resignation, the statement said.

Stroger's initial selection of Dunnings as chief financial officer was questioned because of their family relationship.

Former Cook County comptroller and current administration chief of staff Joseph Fratto will assume Dunnings' responsibilities, the statement said.

Dunnings had served in a variety of budgetary and finance positions in Cook County government for more than 20 years, including the past three years as chief financial officer.
Donna Dunnings, a first cousin of Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, resigned as the county's chief financial officer amid controversy over a recently fired patronage worker, Stroger announced today.

Stroger asked for Dunnings' resignation and she agreed because of allegations that would hurt her ability to do her job
Stroger declined to elaborate on the allegations, but said they were made by a man who was given a patronage job with Stroger's administration late last year. Stroger fired the man after learning he had a felony criminal conviction, said Sean Howard, a Stroger spokesman.

An oldie but a goodie
The Todd squad
By Steve Patterson
Chicago Sun-Times
February 7, 2007

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger didn't conduct a nationwide search to fill the county's top financial post.
Instead, he tapped into his family tree.

In a move decried by a critic as "nepotism at its worst," Stroger appointed his first cousin Donna Dunnings, 42, as chief financial officer, a six-figure position that oversees $3 billion in annual government spending.

And he created a new job for outgoing CFO Tom Glaser in the county hospital system, giving him a $70,000 raise and a major pension boost.

These moves come as Stroger is proposing hundreds of millions of dollars in budget cuts that would slash police, prosecutors, health programs and nursing jobs.
'This is just obscene'

"This is stunning," said Sheilah Garland-Olaniran of the National Nurses Organizing Committee. "In the face of what he is doing to nurses, prosecutors, public defenders, sheriff's officers -- to do this is just obscene."

Stroger defended his promotion of Glaser -- the CFO for the past 12 years, who will make $225,000 a year in his new job -- saying he'll help lead a hospital system long mismanaged and drowning in debt.
'She has great credentials'

Asked whether Dunnings was the best person for the job "in all of Cook County, in all of Illinois, in all of the country," Stroger said yes. He touted her 1986 college grade-point average and master's degree from Northwestern, saying "if she was anybody else . . . you wouldn't ask me about it."

Dunnings has been the county's budget director and previously worked for the assessor's office.

"I don't care what her name is or what her bloodline is, she has great credentials," Stroger said at a news conference on the appointments.

But Commissioner Forrest Claypool, who ran unsuccessfully for board president in last year's Democratic primary, later called it "nepotism at its worst" and said Stroger's insistence on hiring friends and relatives adds to the county's reputation as "a fat, feather-bedded patronage den."

Dunnings insists she's qualified. "My mother told me a long time ago that Jesus walked our Earth, and he had critics," she said.
"I just happen to be his cousin," she added. "But that is not Donna Dunnings in totality."

Stroger also introduced his choice for comptroller, Joseph Fratto, who has spent 16 years running the Chicago Park District's pension fund.
Hires former boss

Fratto was finance chief for Ed Kelly's patronage-laden park district in the early 1990s. He was also Stroger's boss for a time at the park district and is the brother of investment banker Tony Fratto, who was comptroller under Mayor Jane Byrne and whose firm now does substantial city bond business.

As Stroger was asked about whether clout played a role in Fratto's hiring, Fratto shook his head and rolled his eyes. He declined a request to be interviewed.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Will posted that on my blog. The Toddler: Has the family, friends, and felon plan. Oh, I read about Cole and Dunnings saga. Tough times for Urkel when he had to fire his own cuz.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    And Joe Fratto is one to be watched as well.
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