Illinois has more Nuclear power plants than any other state, so this is no suprise that we have more nuclear waste than any other state.

I have so many questions about the next story. First off why would you call the Police knowing that this is going to hit the news? First off Gary Skoien is the current GOP chief of Palentine Township, was a former aide to former Governor Thompson, lead a battle against Mayor Daley, and was on the Metra board. He was known in this state. Next question, why would you bring questionable guests into your home? And into the Children's playroom? And why didn't DCFS take these children away from both parents, and not just the Mom? Why didn't Gary's friends help protect him? Why he just leave so she could not hit him? This is just another Toxic political event in this State, but I can bet Daley has had a hard time wiping that smile off his face once he heard about this. I am sure Daley is not the only one smirking ear to ear either.

What put a big smile on Daley's face

Inverness Police say former Cook County Republican Chairman Gary Skoien admitted having two prostitutes in his children’s playroom when his wife walked in on him early Sunday morning.
The allegation is in a domestic battery report from Skoien, 55, against his 36-year-old, 5-foot-4-inch, 110-pound wife. He said she beat him with her fists and an electric guitar.

But Skoien said the police report inaccurately stated that he had prostitutes in his home. Skoien said he and a friend were talking in the playroom when his wife came down and began beating him.
Eni Skoien spent two nights in a lock-up before being released on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

The police report said Skoien had cuts and blood on his hands and there was blood on the walls and stairs near the playroom.
The police report said Skoien “told [the responding officer] he did in fact have prostitutes with him in the playroom when his wife caught him.” The playroom looked like “a struggle of some kind took place there...There were items turned and tossed around the room,” the report said.

“That’s how it was reported to us,” Barrington/Inverness Police Deputy Chief Jerry Libit said.
Allies of Mayor Daley blasted Skoien four years ago when he offered a $10,000 “bounty” four years ago for information that would lead to Daley’s conviction on corruption charges.

The remark got Skoien fired from his real estate job, cost him a seat on the Metra board and prompted calls for his ouster as party chairman, He survived a re-election vote, serving from 2004-2007 as chairman of the GOP, which has not elected a member countywide in 17 years.
Current Republican Party Chairman Lee Roupas said, “It’s an extremely disappointing and unfortunate situation, if the allegations prove to be true.”

Skoien was an aide to former Gov. Jim Thompson and serves as Palatine Township Republican Committeeman.
He said he and his wife of 13 years have been living in separate sections of the house for a while and getting counseling but that he went to police after she hit him last Tuesday while he was brushing his teeth.

“I went to the police to find out what I should be doing,” he said.
On Sunday night, he said his wife was driven home from a function and she went to bed. Skoien called a friend who came over and they were talking in the playroom when his wife woke up and began beating him with her fists and “a hard heavy electric uitar,” he said.
“I called police because I thought I was going to be killed,” Skoien said.

Skoien went to talk to the arresting officers Wednesday after his stories hit the news, trying to convince them that he did not confirm his wife’s contention that she found him with prostitutes.
“If there were hookers, I’m not sure why the police didn’t arrest me -- that’s illegal too,” Skoien said.

He said the officer stuck to his contention that Skoien nodded in affirmance when told his wife’s version of events. Skoien said he disagrees.

Skoien obtained an order of protection that prohibits his wife from having any contact with him or their three children, ages 5, 7 and 8, he said
Palatine Township GOP chief


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