A slap on the wrist, and pat on the back for Fast Eddie

Vrdolyak $50K fine, 5 years probation

This was almost shocking that Vrdolyak got no jail time what-so-possibly ever.
He was smart to plead guilty and not go to court, the trial might of dug up a lot of skeletons, and he had many. There were so many politicians, business associates, etc that were relieved that this did not go to trial, because they did not have to worry about their name coming up. Pleading guilty was good for all of these things, and it usually means a lighter sentence because the judge takes this into consideration, but this is ridiculous. No jail time at all. Just probation, and a $50K fine, which is nothing for Vrydolyak, it's like your average person getting a $100 fine. Probation, so he has to chit chat with a parole officer once in a while.
Wow, I still can't believe he will not get an inmate number. The shock of the month. Will this start a new trend of pleading guilty with our Politicians?
Maybe Blagojevich needs to hire Vrdolyak's lawyer?

Former Chicago political leader Edward R. Vrdolyak was fined $50,000 and placed on five years' probation Thursday for scheming to get a $1.5 million payoff in a real estate deal - a sentence that came as a sharp blow to federal prosecutors.

Vrdolyak, 71, remained solemn faced throughout the proceeding but broke a slight smile when federal Judge Milton I. Shadur told him he could appeal if he were dissatisfied with his sentence. Prosecutors had asked a 41-month prison sentence.

But Shadur said prison was unwarranted in part because Vrdolyak's actions had not cost anyone the loss of money - something prosecutors strongly disagreed with.

"It would be the wrong message under all the circumstances here to impose a custodial sentence," Shadur said after hours in which he wrangled with prosecutors over whether Vrdolyak caused any loss of money or was an "insider."

Prosecutors sat grim-faced as Shadur imposed the sentence after a daylong proceeding in which he bickered with them repeatedly.

Vrdolyak, an attorney with an office in Tinley Park and former Chicago alderman and mayoral candidate, is known throughout Chicago politics as "Fast Eddie" and has a reputation as a skilled back-room deal maker, at home in the world of big money and political clout.

The case was an outgrowth of the federal government's Operation Board Games, which has led to the conviction of political fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko and fraud and bribery charges against impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald issued a statement saying that "we strongly but respectfully disagree with the sentence of probation imposed on defendant Vrdolyak. As we argued in court, we believe a sentence of incarceration is appropriate for a defendant who schemed to share a $1.5 million fee with a corrupt insider involving the sale of a nonprofit university's valuable real estate asset."

"We will carefully consider our options, including an appeal," Fitzgerald said

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