The 2009 Chicago Auto Show's main theme -- Fuel Efficiency

The overwhelming theme I got out of the auto show was Fuel Efficiency. There were more and more concept cars, brightly colored, greens and the like, all fuel efficient. Fuel savings was definitely the theme, despite gas prices going down. The cars that had the most lookers were the fuel efficient ones. No crowds at the Hummers, they were elsewhere. Ford had a cute area for their fuel efficient work vehicles that they would customize for you. The Dummies and Boo boo work van were cute.
There was no on, as far as interested car show goers, at the Bentley display, their cars were inaccessible to the public and far behind ropes, well guarded and why they were there I have no idea.

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  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Yup, that is the theme of 2009: Go green. I went to Green expo a couple of weeks ago. It is my hope that whole world get on the same page. I have been energy efficient and have gone green for many years.

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