What will next year bring?

Wow what a year this State has had. Our Governor was took away in handcuffs early one morning and had us all checking the Capital Fax blog for the latest updates and confirmation of this event during our work day. Many goups of people gathered around a computers together in the office watching the live Press conferance. How much time was lost on the work day due to this?

Yes, it was true, our Governor was selling Barak Obama's Senate seat, also wanting a kickback for funds for Children's Memorial Hospital and wanting to fire a Chicago Tribune Journalist, John McCormick. Which reminds me of more incidents, Sam Zell taking over the Tribune, and finally the Tribune filing for bankruptcy.

Boldly enough our Governor preforming his gubernatorial duties appoints former Illinois Attorney General and Comptroller Roland Burris. Congressman Bobby Rush, Illinois District 1 was there at the press conference to speak his mind and also end the conference that kept trying to lynch Blagojevich. Blagojevich kept interrupting that this is about the appointee not the appointer.

Now Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. could be a number on the indictment of Governor Rod Blagojevich.

One great thing we had happen in this State was we now have a President coming from this State. We got some good coverage of Senator Obama's announcement at the Old State Capital in Springfield. Here we had Chicago and Springfield all over the news with the election night acceptance of the Presidency right here in Grant Park.

We got to see the streets closed off by Obama's Hyde Park home, and where his Dearborne Street office were. We had full coverage of everyone who had to deal with all the road closures. We have had the experience of everything that occurs when a President comes from our state.

Ed Vrydolyak pleaded guilty, to avoid a trial, and not have more uncovered.

Wow what a year it has been, and I have only touched upon the many events that occurred. That was a smart move on his part, just think his sons and more of his and their business dealings would have come out. There would have been more in jail and a longer term for Fast Eddie if there was a trial.

Tony Rezko, Bill Cellini, Stuart Levine, Chris Kelly, all friends of the Governor under investigatition and Governor Rod Blagojevich trys to sell a senate seat knowing this, I am still amazed Rod did not try to behave.

Will so many questions be answered this year?

Will the Olympics come to Chicago? There are so many plans for so many tempory buildings that will be torn down after the Olympics. Why not make them permanent?

The CTA is going up again, with fuel prices dropping. Why?

Why did the city lease the parking meters only to have the leasing company raise the rates, and have you pay 24/7 with no free Holidays? Why couldn't the city just do this?

Will the White Sox win the World series? At least they go one game further than the Cubs this year in playoffs/

The Bears are out of playoff contention this year with the last game's loss.

I hear the Blackhawks are doing well. For so long you had to order premium channels to see the Blackhawks. They did not gain any new fans during this time. The owner dies, his son takes over and they are on nonpremium television. Now they are available for the general population to watch and they are gaining a fan base.

We lost Spike O'Dell and Steve Dahl on our morning drive.

If things keep up as they are there should not be any political reporter layoffs.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    What will next year bring?

    Hopefully, new governor in Illinois, decent new Senator and Congressional replacements of Obama and Emmanuel.

    More importantly, a restore of hope, integrity, and change in this country.

    Finally, new President Obama and the end of 8 years of the Gerbil's Presidency and the Sith Administration.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Sith Administration ....lol, lead by Darth of Course!

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