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First thought if Daley is going to lease the parking meters, and the company taking over the meters will raise the rates and charge on Sundays and Holidays. So ...then why can't the city just do this? Why do you need to have a company take over and raise rates and make you pay every single day?

Blagojevich was taped negotiating for a campaign contribution, kickback to a lobbyist, from one of his close friends lobbyist, John Wyma. John Wyma, covering his butt, must have a lot to hide So will we see Pat Quinn, now Lt. Governor, as Governor sometime during the rest of Blagojevich's term?

The next story brought this thought to mind. Everywhere on the news in Chicago reporters have been saying this airport is big, almost the size of Midway. So why are they talking about Peotone as a third airport, where no ground has been broke? And why wasn't this airport, DuPage, considered as a third airport? From what I hear all it needs to do is be utilized more. I have never been out there, but from what I understand it is a lot closer to Chicago than Peotone, and there is a high population around it that would certainly use it.

Also thoughts on the following story, as if Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff did not have enough problems, now he has a lot of seriously criminal Cook County Sheriff's Officers. Also Harvey was not know as a great place to live, and property values have plummeted. What will this do to an already poor image of Harvey as being a place to live?


  1. Urbanleftbehind said...
    If a Peotone airport came to fruition, I think it would be sort of a "black-port" with brisk business to Atlanta, DC and other southern cities. I think the attendent hospitality industry would largely be surviving on (fill in your favorite inner city CPS high school) Class reunions. I think this is the real reson why people down there dont want it.

    Another thing about a "further south" airport that people dont realize is that a resident of far south Cook or Will county has a 2+ hour jump on a cross-country road trip compared to a north suburban resident. Why would someone with a decently running car give that 2+ hours up AND then subject themselves to TSA security and inevitable delays? By the time the north suburbanite takes off in their plane, the south suburbanite is crossing through St. Louis, DesMoines, Cleveland, Windsor ONT, or Louisville.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    "So will we see Pat Quinn, now Lt. Governor, as Governor sometime during the rest of Blagojevich's term?"

    Looks like you predicted that!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Actually Kitty,
    Isn't that why the people of this state voted for Blago? What was the other choice, Judy Baar Topinka from the George Ryan Camp and her obnoxious choice for Lt. Governor the arrogant Joe Birkett for Lt. Governor from the biggest GOP county in the State where he has been the DuPage County State's attorney.
    Hmm, Lt. Gov Pat Quinn won out here.

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