So many firsts and so much more to come

It is great having someone from your hometown make President. We were on local, National, and International news. We had the opportunity to watch everything on local or national news. It was interesting seeing our local news people with so many newscasters from all over in the background.

We had every local politician interviewed either at Grant Park or on local news. Jesse Jackson Jr. really got chatty, but he's next in line for....well there are so many rumors.

So many are rumored to being going to DC, even State Treasurer Alexi Giannouliasm also rumors he could be running for Governor. As exciting as it is to watch Obama win, we now will have a lot of movement of many politicians because of this.

Not that political news in this city, county and state have ever been boring, but political reporters will have the best job security ever.


  1. Urbanleftbehind said...
    Is that the GTX tracks along Central Park Ave?
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    yep the Central Park Viaducts
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    " we could loose a lot of politicians in this State"

    Normally, that would be a good riddance thing! Obama needs to choose wisely because some of these people could really run amok in Washington, D.C., where even who walks through the door for breakfast gets political.

    What about Paul Vallas? The last I heard, he is in New Orleans. It seemed like fewer CPS kids got killed on their way to and from school under Vallas compared to Arne Duncan. I have no idea why the Mayor likes Duncan so much, although he seems like he would be more of a yes man than Vallas.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Hello Kitty,

    Vallas was on WGN news the night of the election, along with Judy Baar with a toned down red hair look and not the bozo the clown color. He was asked if he would come back and run for Governor (as you recall he was neck and neck with Blago in the Dem primaries) seems he does not intend to run for any offices. He would have made a better Governor by far, than the current one, who, well was the lesser of two evils when he ran against the fire headed Judy Baar, also Dennis Hastert (one third his size was on WGN that night)

    I just got done watching Mike Flannery (CBS2 local) on CSpan he was taking calls, one caller called in and he said to her you must watch Fox noose and you are referring to Hannity's show where he had Andy Martin on making all these accusations on if Obama was born in this country etc, and his birth certificate is posted on his website, and he went on to say Martin is a perineal candidate in this state, disbarred for mental illness issues (pychosis) and not a credible sourse of information, but he could be like a stopped clock right twice a day but all the other times wrong.

    Anyhow that was Hannity's big credible witness.

    And I give Mike Flannery "the testicular virility" for the first thing out of his mouth to this woman caller is "you must watch Fox news and are a Hannity fan" nothing like telling it like it is!

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