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Hannity and Martin

Tonight I watched Mike Flannery, our Political reporter on CBS2 Chicago on CSpan. First off it's nice to see your local people on national news. He took calls from
all over the country, both sides of the election, McCain/Obama supporters and many different views. Half happy with the outcome, the other half not happy with the election outcome.

Having Barak Obama being elected President we will be seeing more of our local people on national news. This is good and bad. It's good that we will see own well known and familiar people on national news and know who they are, it's bad that many may end up out of our hometown.

David Axelrods' son having an incident at a Bulls game was big news here, when it occurred. but now no one anywhere else thought this was news, because they had no clue whose son that was, but now they know Mike's Dad is David Axelrod It's like Benny the Bull, the Bulls mascot incident at taste of Chicago one year, the kind of news that will not go national...until now, now that people will be watching what is what in their President's hometown, now that people will be watching those close to their next President. They now know who David Axelrod is, among many others from our area.
That could be why we will be seeing more of our local political reporters on National news.

I just got done watching Mike Flannery (CBS2 local) on CSpan he was taking calls, one caller called in and was asking if Obama is really an American Citizen, born here, had Arabs put him through college, and Mike Flannery said to her "you must watch Fox news and you are referring to Hannity's show where he had Andy Martin on"

Mike Flannery went on to say that Obama's Birth Certificate from Honolulu, Hawaii was posted on his website. Mike Flannery then went on to say that Andy Martin is a perennial candidate in this state, he has tryed to run for Mayor, Governor, etc and is not allowed to practice law in this state due to his Psychosis'. Mike Flannery went on to say he is not a credible source for any information, but he could be like a stopped clock, right twice a day but all the other times wrong. So I wonder, will this Hannity, Fox news fan start to think? Fox news is the biggest source of GOP Koolaid, and Sean Hannity is always pouring.

Anyhow that was Hannity's big credible witness. But if your only source of news is Fox, I really feel sorry for you. And if you are a fan of Sean Hannity's, I feel even sorrier for you. If you think Fox news is "Fair and Balanced" just because they flash it with a moving transparency across the screen so often, or they say it, you need to watch another news source just to compare.

And I give Mike Flannery "the testicular virility" for the first thing out of his mouth to this woman caller is "you must watch Fox news, Hannity" You could tell by Mike Flannery's tone, and innuendos that he shares the same feelings so many good news people feel. Fox news is so one sided, and Sean Hannity is even worse. The new coined term Testicular virility is from our current Governor Rod.

I am sure so many other serious news people who try to get the whole story, be responsible reporters, work to stay neutral and give all sides of an issue must roll their eyes at Fox news, and more so at Hannity. I am sure many serious reporters keep wondering "Why?", "Why do so many people take this as their source for news?"

Mike Flannery made a good point, when you have just one party in control they get comfortable and bold and that's when corruption occurs. He pointed out this current Administration as an example. But he did point out you need both political parties to go up against each other for checks and balances. Mike Flannery also pointed out to the caller he is from a State that is all Democrat, in the State Capital, to the County to the City.

I have to wonder, what will happen to Fox news now that their party is not in power in the White House, the House or Senate?


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Sean Hannity is an idiot. I don't know why people watch that nimrod. That network is NOT the source of news and information.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Problem is, there are way too many people, sad as it is, use Fox news for their reliable news source.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Well, that is why there are less amount of people that are leaders in this world, visionaries, thinkers, %5 of millioniares in this country, and so on. Only the people who separate themselves from the masses get it!
    SP Biloxi said...
    p.s. It is one's choice to watch Fox News, Chicago Native. The choices that one makes in life comes with consequences for the good and the bad. Only few people think outside of the box.

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