Dick Durbin needs to meet with Patrick Collins

Yesterday I heard Dick Durbin is pleading for the pardon of George Ryan, again claiming Ryan has a sick wife to care for. George Ryan was on multiple visits out of the country and in the country, all without his sick wife he had to care for. There are numerous pictures of Ryan having a good time, without his wife. Right before George Ryan was put away he was seen at sky boxes at Bears games, without his wife. Dick Durbin needs to sit down with the lead prosecutor Patrick Collins before he pursues a pardon for George Ryan, I am quite sure he will stop asking for a pardon. And what kind of mixed message is Durbin giving us, free Ryan but keep Fitzgerald as US Attorney? Again Durbin needs to have lunch with Patrick Collins, maybe over a hamburger at Charlie Trotter's?

The Antoin “Tony” Rezko jury reaffirmed that the Illinois way of doing business for far too many public officials and their associates is unacceptable. What remains to be seen is whether the verdict will change the systemic public corruption that demoralizes citizens and ultimately disengages them from their government.

Sadly, there is ample reason to be pessimistic.

One of the many disheartening facts coming from the Rezko trial was this: At the same time that a high-profile corruption investigation—culminating in the conviction of former Illinois Gov. George Ryan and some of his high-ranking cronies—was exposing the corrupt underbelly of our state government, a number of people affiliated with the Blagojevich administration were engaging in similar, if not more brazen, acts. The Rezko trial showed that Illinois’ bipartisan corruption virus is a particularly resistant strain.
in his own words, Patrick Collins

And the rumor mill is at full till in Illinois.
- The latest Rahn Emanuel's Congress seat is being considered by Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley.
- Jesse Jackson Jr. is off the short list as a Senate replacement for Obama.
- Bill Daley on a Chicago tonight interview with Carol Marin said he is not interested in going to Washington, but danced around the possibility of running for Governor.
- Alexi Giannoulias, the very cute Illinois State Treasurer considering running for Governor.
- Lisa Madigan considering running for Governor.
- And many more to come out of the woodwork to consider running for Governor.

And lest we not forget the Toddler, aka Todd Stroger, wants to borrow money for Cook County to balance the budget. Yep more debt because his really high sales tax did not generate enough money.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Ryan needs to pay for his crimes. I understand former Gov. Ryan is ill. But, the law is the law. And Durbin needs to respect the law. In the case of Dr. Cecil Wecht who is serving in prison, the prosecutors denied Mr. Wecht to visit his dying wife. And Mr. Wecht's case unlike Ryan's case is selective prosecution. Durbin should have lunch with Collin. Ryan has done some good for Illnois. But, wrong is wrong. And right is right. And law is the law.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Patrick Collins worked way too long and hard putting Ryan away, he will need to enlighten Durbin on all the horrid things Ryan did. Patrick Collins certainly spent enough time finding out all the criminal acts Ryan was part of. This would be a slap in the face of Ryan for sure.

    Oh by the way the bad dressing Dan Webb who was Ryan's main attorney is now Cellini's attorney.

    And Eddie Vrodyliak plead guilty because he was into soooo much, and if he went to trial a lot more would come out, also his sons are/were in business with him so he saved a lot this way, for his family and himself. Not to mention taxpayer dollars.
    Urbanleftbehind said...
    The sales tax being @ 11% is going to really start taking its toll now that the price of gas is less than $2 - now people have shaken off that final constraint against "malling" in distant collar county suburbs.

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