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Ok so I hear this is not a battleground state.

I hear that Obama is like Lincoln, he came from the State Capital, just like Lincoln, has just as much as experience as Lincoln. Ok, we are looking for the next Lincoln.

We aren't getting all the campaigning here. We don't have to worry about McCain and Palin tromping through our state, that's a relief for most.

We are hearing all kinds of things like who will be appointed/annointed into Obama's Senate position.

We hear Rezko wants to cooperate. He wants to be the next Stuart Levine to the Feds, but he also wants to cut down on his jail time.

We hear Dick Durbin on the radio a lot talking about how this is the first generation that will not think of a home as an investment.

We are seeing more and more empty stores around, sitting vacant.

We are facing yet another CTA increase. Our taxes are the highest in the country already. Chicago made the top 10 Forbes list of most stressful places to live. Forbes used things like crime, which by the way is up, unemployment, costs etc.

Then we want the Olympics, but will it bring in revenue? We are going to build this Olympic Village, then after the Olympics tear it dowm? Why?


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Obama like Lincoln? Obama is his own person and so is Lincoln. Presidents are supposed to share the same common grounds of values of this country as outlined by the Founding Fathers. The clown President doesn't fit that catagory as he always competed and wanted approval from Poppy Bush.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Our license plates read "Land of Lincoln" maybe we want to add & Obama.

    But seriously it has been fun having a Presidential Candidate from this state from knowing all the speakers at the Democratic convention to seeing all the people from your State all over.

    And if you have never been to Springfield Illinois, and are in to either history or Lincoln there is way too much to do as far as museums, historical sites, way too much
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Lincoln had been in Washington, D.C. just two years.

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