First shock is that the Chicago Tribune endorsed a Democrat for President, this is a first. History is made right here. The Trib is the GOP paper and this was a surprise.

Obama plans election night to be in Grant Park, this will give us an idea of how well we could handle the Olympics.

If Obama wins, who will be anointed his Senate seat? Who will he take from this State to join him in DC?

Sure if Obama wins he is going to take a few out of city, state or countyMayor Daley is gung-ho about Barack Obama, but apparently there's a limit to the mayor's support. His name is Arne Duncan.

If Obama wants Duncan to end his seven-year run as Chicago Public Schools CEO and become either U.S. education secretary or a top deputy, he won't get a recommendation from Daley.

On a sad note about a horrific tragedy to a whole family, worse yet a young child was murdered. But as I deal with North siders at work they say things like, "well people on the South side are always killing each other" and "Why didn't Jennifer move her family to a better area"

Let me tell you, first off we aren't always killing each other on the South Side. Next this was a domestic situation, as unfortunate as it is. And finally the Englewood area that Jennifer's family live in, is NOT a bad neighborhood!

Ok whenever someone wants to move to Chicago from out of State, Downstate, or wherever they move from, they move to the North Side, Wrigleyville, Bucktown, River North, etc. If they have more money they move to Lincoln Park or the Gold Coast. Which is just fine with us South Siders because we don't want all the transplants, we like to keep it real, and we are a whole bunch of real people on the South Side and want to keep it that way.

But I am tired of all these comments that this tragedy happened because, well, they are living on the South Side and this supposedly is the norm. I have very calmly said that this is a fairly good neighborhood that this tragic event started in. Then I get "your neighborhood is worse?" or "IT IS?" I wonder how many of these Northsiders have been South of Chinatown? or the University of Chicago, Science Museum, well, Hyde Park? Actually it's not a bad thing, because the traffic and congestion on the South Side beats the North Side for ease of getting around any day!

Hudson's nephew, sad ending

Jennifer Hudson identifies body of nephew
October 28, 2008

Holding on to each other, overcome by emotion, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson and six relatives viewed a closed-circuit TV screen at the morgue Monday afternoon and identified a small boy as Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew Julian King.

The identification came from Hudson. “She said, ‘Yes, that is him,’ according to Sean Howard, a spokesman for the Cook County medical examiner’s office. “Jennifer Hudson was incredbly strong for her family, she was leader in that group and kept her composure.

The identity of a body found in the backseat of an SUV on the West Side this morning has been confirmed as Julian King, the 7-year-old nephew of actress Jennifer Hudson.
The body of Julian King, the nephew of actress Jennifer Hudson, was found slain inside this white Suburban in the 1300 block of South Kolin Ave. this morning

Mourners gather at Hudson home in tribute
Donerson gave her Dreamgirl all she needed to make it
Jennifer's tragedy hits us where we live
“She felt like the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ was going to get her through that,” Howard added. “Those were her words.”

Julian’s mother was not there, he said.

The boy had been missing since Hudson's mother and brother were found shot to death Friday in their Englewood home. Monday morning, a howling dog alerted neighbors in the 1300 block of South Kolin to a white Chevrolet Suburban, where police found Julian’s body on the floor of the back seat.


  1. Urbanleftbehind said...
    Duncan is America's most prominent "Wigger" political figure.

    Frankly I find increase of magnet schools and other gimmicks reaching a point of negative and diminishing returns. I think you should go back to the days of strict enrollment boundaries and improving the basics.

    If CHAS (Chgo High School) was returned to Mt Greenwood as its official high school with strictly enforced enrollment boundaries - the nearby Catholic schools would drop a 2-3 classes in state playoffs or even start merging to survive.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I went to CPC (Chicago Public Schools) when there were bounderies and it was nice to go to school with kids from the neighborhood. The Parochial school kids (and you know who they are when you meet them they tell you what Parish they live in, verses the non Parochial) This has been good for the Parochial schools for sure, there is no doubt.
    Either kids spend a lot of time on the CTA commuting and there are no real neighborhoods anymore. The schools need to improve and you need to keep kids in their neighborhoods instead of having them spend time on CTA.

    There are also a lot of good things that Duncan has done, like not putting kids in classes according to their abilities (with the exception of magnet schools of course) so the kids that have a chance to do better will instead of being in a class full of class clowns.
    Urbanleftbehind said...
    CTA without the CPS and UPASS business would have collar county Pace levels of service frequency!

    On the schools, thats also what I tell my Waukegan-raised wife about Chicago - if there are 20 teenagers on a block, they go to 20 different high schools. Nobody knows anybody's business. (Contrast that to even "ghetto" Waukegan, where she now regularly teaches the offspring of her classmates)

    Duncan has also created a lot of black vs hispanic tinderboxes by closing schools in the black neighborhoods and or shunting black kids to hispanic/white holdout majority schools. S(*&, build some new buildings.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    OK so I give Duncan credit on the inclusion part (verses grouping kids by abilities, this way you get a mix which is good for all)

    Yes, the magnet schools are the best schools if you can get in them, when I was in CPS there were only a few and they also took in local area students.
    Now with the free for all and the magnet schools only taking in the best, the other schools suffer, and the one's in the worst areas suffer the most and those kids are forced on CTA or having to deal with the worst schools that will be shut down due to academic failure.
    It's harder on kids to make friends because their friends could be at a different school the next year.
    Also they talk about having an all Gay school, wow, that's not going to help with diversity or these kids coping in the real world.
    But the Parochial Schools are thriving because of this mayham of pick your school, and that forces parents to worry if all their children will end up at the same school, it's a mess.

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