It's no wonder Todd Stroger has so many handlers

Here we have a picture of Jesse Jackson Jr. looking horrified that Mayor Daley will be hugging him. In case anyone missed the hugfest, which was nothing more than a PR stunt that all of our fighting politicians partook in, I posted this picture. Speaking as someone from Illinois, and having an Illinois candidate for President, all of the Democratic convention meant more when you heard all your own politicians speak. Like some conventions, you don't know everyone, but this was all ours.

Hugfest Illinois PoliticiansDENVER -- With a jaw-dropping series of hugs, feuding Illinois Democrats sought to bury hatchets Wednesday in a surreal display of unity-gone-wild.

It culminated in a brief embrace between Gov. Blagojevich and his political nemesis, House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The hug at the breakfast of the Illinois delegation to the Democratic National Convention was not followed by announcements of progress on legislative roadblocks on issues such as school funding or a capital plan. But Blagojevich said the hug beats the lack of communication that preceded it.

"Whenever you hug a guy, you oughtta be upbeat about it," the governor said.

Blagojevich and Madigan huddled for about 20 minutes at a party Mayor Daley hosted Tuesday, and again Wednesday as they stood on the convention floor nominating Barack Obama.

The group hug started when U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. sought to make peace with fellow South Side congressman Bobby Rush, who is recovering from cancer treatment.

After seeing Todd Stroger's news conference on the flooding from all the rain in Cook County, you have to wonder if he is illiterate? He stumbled over reading off of something that was written for him. Doesn't Andre Garner know he has to work with Todd more? or Lance Tyson chief of staff needs to run over the words in what was written for him. Or was it the whiny, why bother me Donna Dunnings, cousin of Todd that wrote what he was to say? If you were fortunate enough to miss, our Cook County President, President of the second most Populous County in this country declare Cook County a disaster area, you can watch this video, and only the words were different Painful and embarrassing as it is we need to vote this incompetent out. I have heard 5th graders read off their own papers with much more complicated words much better.
Todd Stroger news conference

On Daley's flooding news conferences.

Did Daley think he looked and sounded intelligent cukuing about the Governor?

On not having a budget in this State...again. Shutting down many State Historic sites....Springfield is so full of so much to do if you are into history and they have so many good State Employees that are very knowledgable and love what they do. I have taken many of the tours, numerous times and learn something from these wonderful curators each and every time. Instead of taking your children to an amusement park you should take them to Springfield, but not until they can work out a budget and reopen many of these historic museums and sites

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