The Lipinski's did it, the Stroger's did it, the Beaver's did it, the Steeles' did it........why not Emil Jones? This is becoming common practice in this state, when you retire leave your office to your offspring. How do we get new blood in these Political positions?

There will be a new Emil Jones in the State SenateState Senate Pres. Emil Jones Says He'll Retire
CHICAGO (CBS) ― Illinois Senate President Emil Jones, Jr. says he won't seek re-election in November.

Jones' office released a statement Monday afternoon in which the 35-year legislative veteran thanked colleagues and constituents but didn't say why he was retiring.
Jones played a key role in helping Barack Obama get to the U.S. Senate. But Monday, Jones resigned as a candidate for re-election. He wants to hand his South Side seat to his son.

As his protégé, Obama's presidential campaign has been the emotional capstone to Jones's long career. After 36 years in public office, one-time city inspector Jones said he would step down next January as state senate president.
"I'm saddened by it because I had the great pleasure of serving for 16 years in the Illinois General Assembly and Emil Jones is one of the first people I got a chance to meet," said Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White. "He wrapped his arms around me, he showed me the ropes."

As CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports, Jones's departure will be a blow to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. The nearly 73-year old Jones is the closest powerful legislative ally of Gov. Blagojevich.
In a statement, the governor said, "The accomplishments I am most proud of would not have happened without Emil Jones."
Many hope the next senate president will end the long legislative stalemate that has paralyzed the state capitol.

"I'm sure Speaker Madigan has an interest in who the next senate president is going to be as well, which can only make for big fireworks coming out of Springfield," said Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL).

Among dozens of his family members and friends on the state payroll is Jones's son, Emil Jones III, a $59,436-a-year senior account manager for the Blagojevich administration.
Jones wants his son to take his seat. He carefully timed Monday's resignation to make it virtually impossible for any other candidate to emerge. The deadline for Democratic leaders to pick a replacement is just a few days away.

Obama, in a statement, said, "Senator Jones has been a passionate advocate who has fought for working families and the underprivileged for more than three decades."
"His health is still fine; his brain is as sharp as ever, but it's time to go on and allow someone else to carry the mantle in the Democratic senate," said State Sen. icky Hendon (D-Chicago).
Hendon is one of at least seven state senators campaigning behind the scenes to replace Jones as president.
As for Jones, he has long joked he would like Obama, if elected president, to appoint him Ambassador of Ireland.
But in all seriousness, it is likely that he could get a federal appointment if Obama's presidential bid is successful.

I am volunteering Todd Stroger to do this, maybe then he will be less likely to make budget cuts here so freely. Well I can't wait for Sherir Curran's report.

Sheriff sentences himself to jail
August 20, 2008Recommend (5)

BY DAN ROZEK Staff Reporter
Lake County Sheriff Mark C. Curran Jr. sentenced himself today to a week in his own jail, saying he believes spending time behind bars will make him a better cop and a better person.
"I believe that I can be a better sheriff by having a better understanding of jail operations from the perspective of an inmate in the Lake County Jail," Curran said before being locked up. "I believe that I will receive significant introspection from staying in the jail with inmates for a week."

Curran plans to live in a cell, eat jail food, mingle and talk with other inmates in common areas, while also attending numerous programs offered in the facility, including substance abuse counseling, parenting and educational classes, along with religious services.
That immersion, he said, should give him more insight into everything from safety issues to what programs may be needed help inmates straighten out their lives and avoid future crimes.
"My experience in the jail will help me to better understand our existing programming, as well as any possible unmet needs that exist in our programming,'' said Curran, a 45-year-old former prosecutor elected sheriff in 2006.

But Curran, a Roman Catholic, also frequently cited a spiritual desire to understand what inmates are going through and how their lives may be turned around.
"In Lake County, we have embraced the scriptural mandate to love our neighbor. Your neighbor must be everyone if we are truly going to see peace on Earth," he said. "In the eyes of society, I may be sheriff, but in God’s eyes, I am no better than anyone else."
He said he wasn’t worried that his stay would be criticized by some as a publicity stunt.
"I don’t live my life for other people," Curran said. "I do what’s right and let the chips fall."

After making his announcement at a news conference, Curran went through the standard booking procedures, including being fingerprinted and photographed. He then exchanged his gray suit, blue shirt and red-striped tie for jail-issued, dark-blue shirt and pants, along with purple sandals.
"It feels different," he said after changing clothing, but added: "The outfit is comfortable enough."

He acknowledged, though, that he won't be living exactly as inmates do — for one thing, he’ll have his own 8-foot by 6-foot cell. His staffers insisted on that provision for security reasons, Curran said, though he described the jail — which houses a maximum of 740 inmates — as "extremely safe."
He will spend nights in several different units, including the maximum security segregation unit.
Curran, a Democrat, also plans to continue his official duties, including running the jail, though that will involve shifting some meetings from off-site locations to the jail or adjoining sheriff's offices.
He vowed, though, not to leave the jail and sheriff's office complex

Here I agree with Daley, the Universities and Colleges want the drinking age lowered. Many are right, this will have the students drinking in bars instead of campus. I went off to college, I waited until I was 21, which was always the legal drinking age for as long as I can remember. Many argue if 18 year olds can drink they know a lot of 17, 16 or younger kids that will have access due to their friends. We all know most 19 and 20 year olds know 21 year olds. Then there are many high end bars that have a minimum age of 23 to enter. These places are keeping the amateur drinkers out. Now does this mean lowering the age we will have younger amateur drinkers?

Daley and lowering the drinking age to 21
CHICAGO -- Nearly 50 years removed from his own carefree college days, Mayor Daley on Wednesday lambasted university presidents for campaigning to lower the drinking age from 21 to 18.

For the tuition they charge and the six-figure salaries they receive, Daley said university presidents have a "legal and moral responsibility"to establish a safe environment for students.

Lowering the drinking age hardly qualifies, the mayor said. He called it "the easy way out"and a lowering of standards that need to be raised.

"Will that be the motto: 'Come to my university. Drink as much as you can as long as you pay your tuition'? Do you think you send your son or daughter to come home as an alcoholic? That's a bad message, I'm sorry. You have enough time to drink the rest of your life," Daley said.

"You think the president of the university is gonna open a beer hall in his house?" Daley continued. "Do you think the coach of the baseball team or football team will open it up? They should raise their standards and think that drinking is not part of college life. Everybody has responsibility on this and drinking at universities isn't something you should be proud of. You don't send your son or daughter to learn how to drink at universities. You send them for an education."

Lake Forest College President Stephen Schutt, who signed on to the so-called Amethyst Initiative, said university presidents are "about the business of educating students" and they would like to be able to educate them on responsible use of alcohol.

But, there is "no lawful way" to do that so long as the legal drinking age remains 21 and a majority of students are under that age, he said.

"Students at colleges and universities across the country -- and, unfortunately at many high schools -- are already drinking, despite the fact that the lawful age is 21. They drink in private. They drink in hiding. They sometimes go off campus to places to drink that are dangerous. They may drive while doing that," Schutt said.

"There is a real argument that needs to be considered about whether it would be safer for them to drink lawfully


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Sheriff sentences himself to jail

    lol I doubt Urkel will sentence himself. I suggest a citizen arrest for that clown CC Board President.

    Lowering the drinking age to 21. I agree with that. I think the driving should be 21. I was in college when I got a driving license. I took local transportation before I got my first car. I know in some states, a teenager at 16 can get permit to drive. Also, there should be a cell phone ban in the car for teenagers currently behind the wheel in every state. I still see young people in the car either dialing numbers on their cell or texting while driving.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    The Toddster needs a little time in CC Jail, that might wake him up, and let's not forget his Chief of Staff Lance Tyson needs a cell reserved as well.

    Lowering the drinking age to 18 is insane, it's all brought about by college administrators who want drinking taken off campus and into the baars. Do they want to be on the road with 18, 19 and 20 year olds. Oh pa leeze. I am sorry but 21 and 22 years olds with their licence to drink is bad enough.

    Yes, and seeing 16,17 years old drivers behind the wheel is scary, one 16 year old single handledly caused a 5 car accident I was in. Needless to say her insurance paid out on 6 cars including hers.
    SP Biloxi said...
    I spoke too soon. Now, they want to pass a law to ban texting while driving. I don't why that wasn't added along with hands free cell phone. Jason Leopold told me he was in car accident because the driver in back of him was texting on his blackberry while the guy was driving.
    Urbanleftbehind said...
    Hector or Juan must have made Sheriff Curran his you-know-what while he was locked up, judging by Sheriff Curran's riff last week (article posted under my blog as "As Ed McMahon Might Say,")
    Laser Hair Removal In Chicago said...
    I was listening to a podcast on something relating to people who'd been in prison, and I thought "gee, if only judges and law-enforcement folks could spend some time in prison themselves, they might have a better idea of what's going on."

    Bravo to Curran.for being a man "who seeks to understand"

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