Don't you have to wonder about what should be public in a public office?
Some of Cook County's top employees are being required to keep their mouths shut about the inner-workings of the government. Board President Todd Stroger's office is having them sign a confidentiality agreement.

The confidentiality agreement was sent to bureau chiefs, department heads, and employees directly under Stroger. It says employees shall not discuss personnel files, internal practices, or correspondence to and from Stroger, even after they've left their jobs. Critics say the confidentiality form most likely won't fulfill its purpose. Jay Stewart, with the Better Government Association, says employees will still share information if they really want to.

STEWART: If you want to know what the atmosphere is at the highest level of Cook County, this document says to me 'distrust' would be a way to describe it.

Stewart says such a document is unusual; neither the City of Chicago or the State of Illinois have similar policies. In a written statement, a spokesperson for President Stroger's office says the confidentiality agreement is an extension of its ethics rules.

Who in Stroger's office is going to make the determination on what is to be said? Is it Lance Tyson? Or will it be one of the many PR people Todd has? What ever the decision will be it will be good for Todd. Is this to help him win the next term, by giving his opponent less ammunition? This will make everyone afraid to talk, but I guess that's the idea.

Can a Cougar be tazered? One of the comments on our cougar killing, in Roscoe village was couldn't they have just tazered it?

Sad fate of lost Cougar

A cougar ran loose in Chicago on Monday for the first time since the city's founding in the 19th Century. But by day's end, the animal lay dead in a back alley on the North Side, shot by police who said they feared it was turning to attack.

No one knew where the 150-pound cat came from, though on Saturday Wilmette police had received four reports of a cougar roaming that suburb, roughly 15 miles from the site of Monday's shooting.

Whatever its origin, the 5-foot-long cougar's unlikely journey ended.


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    Now that was a beautiful cat. That is too bad they shot it. There might be another one loose. They better get the tranquilizers for the next one.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "It says employees shall not discuss personnel files, internal practices, or correspondence to and from Stroger, even after they've left their jobs."

    Even if the employee lost their jobs? Hmmmm.. And what happen if that person quits, what is length of time to not discuss files, internal practices, and so on.

    And I wonder how long Stroller will be in office until an investigation into Urkel's connection with Rezko.
    Levois said...
    Surely John Stroger is rolling in his grave at the moment.

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