Can these nine incumbents be beaten?

Good question, can these Commissioners who sided with Stroger be beaten? I agree on the Daley,and Butler part. These two, for as long as I can remember have not had a formidable candidate run against either of them. Living in the Daley district I know there are a lot of long time Daley fans there. They always come out and vote for Daley for mayor, brother Daley for Commissioner even if they have an Alderman running unopposed, as in my case. Yes, we come out in record numbers and vote for Daleys in my South side area. Yes, I am disappointed in Earlean Collins the Commissioner with the most common sense of all of them, why she went with this crowd on this I don't know. The whiniest Commissioner of them all is Commissioner Deborah Sims, no surprise for me here, and I am sure she did not put her vote in without her share of whining either. Commissioner Murphy wants to keep her job, and she will go with the rest of that group whenever push comes to shove, I expected no less of her, again no surprise here. Beavers of course will never go against Stroger, and I am beginning to think Steele is going the same way. But seriously, who is going to jump into a South Side race against a South Sider unless you are a South Sider? It's not like people decide to move to Chicago from downstate or another state and move to the South Side. It's not like Bridgeport, Back of the Yards, West Lawn, Chicago Lawn.......are like Wrigleyville, Lincoln Park, Uptown, Gold Coast or any of the trendy areas to move to. It's not like you are ever going to hear someone say I want to move to Chicago, and on the South Side, hey Brighton Park, Ashburn, Auburn-Gresham, Hegewisch, Morgan Park, or Archer Heights sounds good! Or Pullman, Roseland.........ok, so we only have native South Siders running for South Side offices, well because people just don't come from downstate or out of state and move to the South Side.

Seriously, we keep it real on the South Side, no nice, nice stuff. A few years back some North side restaurant had put up a nice sign, I forget the exact wording but, it was have please have your children keep it down to a roar.
Well these Northsider's with kids used to hang around with other Northsiders with kids and let the kids run amock in establishments while they socialized. They got really offendend when this nice sign was put up because the owners were concerned about the safety of the children running amock. Yes, people would be buying hot soup and beverages and coming in and out of the door and these kids would make it an obstacle course by laying on the floor, running and jumping all over.
These Moms were really offended by this and felt that the owner was out of line, and they got really bent out of shape over it. Many North side establishement owners stood behind this guy saying they have these little uncontrolled brats in their establishments, and are afraid one of them will be injured. But this would not occur on the South Side, because a south south owner, or a customer would tell the Mom of some running around rampant brat what time of day it is right away. We tell it like it is on the South Side, no playing nice, nice with this kind of nonsense, and they will be told to get real. But seriously, if this happened on the South Side, one of us Southsiders would ask "Did you just fall from the sky? This is planet Earth and this is not how things are done down here". So, it's not a bad thing that people from downstate, or out of state aren't flocking to the South Side if this is what we would end up with. But we would get them in line if they decided to make the South Side home, they would have to quit pissing and moaning and shape up or ship out.

Since I am on a roll with Cook County Events.....Cousin Donna, gets a nice big raise. Yes, the Toddler's cousin Donna who seems so irritated, bothered and whiney every time someone asks her a question about, well, her job and what she is doing as CFO of CC. She makes it seem like such an effort to have to answer questions. Well, Donna, if it is so difficult for you to answer any questions related to what you are doing and why, then as CFO of CC maybe you could step down and let someone who is more qualified in so many more ways than you do your job, and do it better for less.
From what taxpayers have seen, it would not be hard to find a better CFO. Didn't the Toddler warn cousin Donna that she might have to answer questions related to her job? Didn't he tell her that the Commissioners that are doing their jobs as elected officials for CC are going to want to know what is going on in the finance area with their voters tax dollars? Wasn't Donna warned that taxpayers want to know how and where their tax dollars are being utilized? OK, so maybe Donna just fell out of the sky?

Less than a month after he muscled through a huge tax hike, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has reportedly given his cousin a double digit raise. That cousin is Donna Dunnings, the county's Chief Financial Officer.

As he tried to win his tax hike, Stroger claimed the county was pinching every penny. Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin says that's when board members spotted Dunnings' pay bump.
SUFFREDIN: The raise was actually in the budget.
But Stroger told commissioners don't worry.
SUFFREDIN: The president had indicated she would not take that salary.
SUFFREDIN: They changed their mind.
Suffredin says $160,000 for the CFO of a $3-billion government is fair.
SUFFREDIN: Not an outrageous salary.
The problem is how it was done.
SUFFREDIN: They don't tell you that, it has to be uncovered.
Which Suffredin says the county needs to regain the public's trust.
SUFFREDIN: and each time there's a misstep like this it undermines that confidence.
President Stroger new spokesperson, a childhood-friend, has not return repeated calls for comment.WBEZ interview

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  1. SP Biloxi said...

    Time to have good candidate to run to put the friends and family plan and nimrod Urkel out of business. It is time to clean up the streets of CC.

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