Tony Peraica's site is worth visiting

Tony Peraica

The time has come to end the corruption that is costing the people of Cook County Millions That is how his site starts out, you can give him credit for at least having better pictures of himself than I have seen on other sites. He has a whole section just on Alvarez and well, for use of a new term introduced by her husband, Political Pollution.
Will Tony Peraica be able to find millions so that Todd Stroger will not have budget balancing battles? Any way you look at it this is going to be an interesting race once again. Tony Peraica is quite capable of running an interesting campaign.

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger says he's ready to compromise on how to close a $238 million budget shortfall. He's taking a new proposal to commissioners today.

The County has to pass a balanced budget by the 29 of February. Board President Todd Stroger's plan to raise the sales tax 2 percent didn't get enough support. And agency leaders say an alternative plan to cut spending by 13 percent would be crippling.

Sources tell Chicago Public Radio Stroger's new proposal includes a smaller sales tax hike, coupled with some spending cuts. He says he'll meet all 17 commissioners this week - in a bid to get a majority on board.

STROGER: Really, we need one. I think there are eight commissioners that see the vision for the county, and we need one to see it the way we do, and that's basically that the county needs to run at a certain level, and if we don't fund it, it will not.

Commissioners are also considering a $40 vehicle sticker to help bridge the budget gap.

I'm Ammad Omar, Chicago Public Radio.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Hey, Chicago Native:

    I assume that you will be watching Peraica. Fill in the potholes..
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    One of the most entertaining, aggressive, politicians, now a CC Commissioner, and still is a lawyer in the CC system. He gives the Toddler lots of headaches and ran CC Pres against him and did better than any GOP has ever. He is running for CC State's Attorney against someone(Alvarez) who many fear will not stand up to the Toddler, I suspect he will get more votes than any other GOP candidate ever has in this race.

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