CC State's Attorney surprise

It was no surprise that Obama won Illinois for the Democrat primary, almost double the votes that Hillary got.

As for the CC States Attorney, with Tom Allen, backed by the Chicago COPS, firemen and the like coming in a close second. It was a surprise that Suffredin came in third. The South Side favorite, Brookins came in fourth. I thought Allen would have won considering he was the favorite of the City Workers. I also thought Brookins would of at least come in secound considering how South Siders come out and vote for South Siders. I have heard many South Side Democrats talk about voting for Peraica because he would have the "testicular virility", borrowing that phrase from our own Governor Blagojevich, to take on the Toddler. The buzz around the South Side, even though Alvarez is from the South Side, is that many are afraid she won't be able to go toe to toe with Urkel. All in all there were so many candidates for the Democratic ticket in the CC States Attorney's race it was too hard to predict. Also since there were so many no one really stood out. Brookins got a lot of bad publicity about supposidly being a deadbeat Dad on child payments too close to the election, which probably hurt him the most. Suffredin is a North Sider, but so is Allen who has so many COPS, Firemen and the like living in his Ward and supporting him, as well as many COPS, etc. that do not live in his Ward behind him....well I thought he would be the winner.
Now we have a new term "pollitical pollution" as in what Alvarez's husband said she did not have.
Now Alvarez will have to deal with Peraica's campaign style, and he has not wasted a moments time throwing punches. This could get interesting. She will have to show she can handle Peraica first, before anyone can seriously think she can handle the Todd.

Ok, what if, and I mean if Peraica gets the CC States Attorney, then who would go or be annointed into his CC District's Commissioner's Seat? How about Judy Baar Topinka, she lives there in the district, right? She is GOP? And just imagine how entertaining the CC Board meetings would be. It would turn into must see TV. Lance Tyson and Urkel would not know what to do when, well, when Judy will be Judy.

As far as the 3rd District Congressman goes, many thought Lipinski the Second, would have a bigger fight since Pera who came in 20% behind him put up a nasty one. Mark Pera brought up the fact that Dan inherited his post from his Dad Bill. Alright, so that is a normal thing, John Stroger to Todd Stroger, Bill Beavers to Darcel Beavers, Bobbie Steele to Robert Steele......etc. ok, so that should be a non issue since it is so common. Then there was the Dan Lipinski lobbyist.....ok so for as long as I can remember there has been a Lipinski in the 3rd district.

Alvarez Hopes To Make History In Top Attorney Race
Rafael Romo CHICAGO (CBS) ― In the race for Cook County State's Attorney, six candidates appeared on the Democratic ballot. The winner was the only woman in the running. CBS 2's Rafael Romo explains why Anita Alvarez could make history in November.
"I always believed that I was the best person for this job," Alvarez said.
If elected, Alvarez would become the first Hispanic Cook County state's attorney ever and also the first woman to hold that position.

"With the support of her husband, gynecologist Dr. James Gomez, the couple spent $640,000 of their own money in order to make a difference in a crowded race with six contenders.
"On our side, we always knew she had a chance; we always knew that she could do it," Gomez said. "She has absolutely no political pollution to her."

Her Republican opponent, Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, launched the first attack Wednesday.
"Ms. Alvarez has been a member of the Cook County state attorney's office for 22 years," he said. "She's part of the elite club."
Peraica says Alvarez missed many opportunities to bring justice in cases of torture linked to former Chicago police commander Jon Burge.
"She has been there without raising any issues for 22 years about torture of African Americans in Cook County under Burge and others," Peraica said.
Alvarez countered, "When those allegations came to life in the early '80s I was still in undergraduate, I wasn't even in law school yet."
Alvarez is currently the number three prosecutor with the Cook County state's attorney's office and this is the first time she has run for public office.
Peraica was elected in 2002 as Cook County commissioner for the 16th district; he was previously in private practice as an attorney.

Alvarez leads state's attorney race

A Maria High School graduate and the only woman in the contest was leading the race late Tuesday for the Democratic nomination for Cook County state's attorney.

With 90 percent of precincts counted, Anita Alvarez, a mother of four and chief deputy in the state's attorney's office, led with 218,010 votes.

"Ald. Tom Allen (38th) was in a close second with 207,520 votes.
Six people were vying for the Democratic nomination, often trading jabs in a high-stakes election that attracted two Chicago aldermen, two leading assistant state's attorneys, a Cook County commissioner and an Evanston attorney.
State's Attorney Dick Devine created the opening last summer when he announced he would not seek a fourth four-year term.
If her lead holds, Alvarez will face the lone Republican candidate, Tony Peraica, in the November general election. Peraica is a Cook County Board commissioner for the 16th District who unsuccessfully ran against Board President Todd Stroger in 2006.

Also in the Democratic field with Alvarez and Allen was Chicago Ald. Howard Brookins Jr. (21st), who had 146,840 votes.
Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin (D-Evanston), had 186,795 votes.
Bob Milan, the first assistant state's attorney who was endorsed by Devine, had 48,047 votes.
Community activist and Evanston attorney Tommy Brewer had 28,220 votes.

Also Tuesday, incumbent Eugene Moore won the Democratic nomination for Cook County recorder of deeds, an office that creates public records of land transactions, among other things, and is often attacked as a haven for patronage.

Lipinski rolls over three challengers
DEM - Rep. In Congress, 3rd
4 candidates -- vote for 1
Precincts Counted: 377 of 377 (100.00%)
Candidates Votes %
Mark N. Pera 17,593 29.63%
Jim Capparelli 5,632 9.49%
Daniel William Lipinski 30,080 50.67%
Jerry Bennett 6,064 10.21%

U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski cruised to victory in the Democratic primary in the 3rd Congressional District on Tuesday.
Lipinski tallied 53,010 votes against three opponents, with 548 of 618 precincts reporting.
The race had looked to be the toughest for Lipinski since he effectively inherited the seat from his father, Bill Lipinski, between the primary and general elections in 2004.
Lipinski opposes abortion and Pera's challenge from the left attracted considerable financial support, especially from online donors, and he bolstered his impressive fundraising by loaning his campaign a large sum. Bennett, meanwhile, picked up endorsements from several newspapers.
At the same time, the elder Lipinski's work as a lobbyist led to questioning by the media and Pera, in particular, among the candidates.

Still, the conventional wisdom going into Election day was that it would be difficult for any challenger to emerge from the crowd and defeat a Lipinski in the 3rd District for what would have been the first time in a quarter-century.

As it happened, Lipinski posted strong results both in Chicago, his father's historic stronghold, and in the suburbs, where Pera and Bennett have long lived.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Ah, Rezko.. I didn't make any difference of the Rezko-Obama connection. Voters in Illnois voted for Obama. Clinton wasn't not to far from Obama. Rezko's case will be interesting. Can't wait for G-Rod to be close to radar of an indictment.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    As far as Rod goes, Pat Quinn Lt. Gov. would make a great Governor, but the process of indictment, etc is a long one.

    I just never thought Alvarez would even be in the top 3, that was the biggest surprise here.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Perica won't get it unless he can get people to jump parties. He's outnumbered. Too bad--I would love to see the fights between him and the Toddler escalated.

    Sufferdin and Allen probably split the same demographic for votes, which leaves Alvarez getting others to vote for her. Multiple people running makes it very messy.
    Anonymous said...
    Alvarez was secretly backed by Mayor Daley. Think about it, how did she get to be the 3d person in the SA office?

    An order went out in October that forces were to work against Allen because the secret polling showed him to be leading. Thus into action goes Milan. His job was to run well in Allen areas. Thus he did well enough in the 19th and 11th to bring allen into 2d place.

    Even, Devine got into the fray by endorsing Milan. Alvarez immediately goes into victim mode, mobilizing all the women.

    Look at the Alvarez campaign, who ran it? Sheahan people. Skinny, Gallagher, Sally Daley. Do you think that was an accident? At the same time, Joyce people were running the Milan campaign.

    2 days after the election, Sneed writes that Daley hasnt even called Alvarez yet. That was planted just in case anyone statrs putting 2 and 2 together.

    All of this was because Alvarez was their person from the start.

    I am not suggesting there is anything wrong with this. These guys are a pure joy to watch.

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