The first page of the Web site has Howard Brookins looking like he is ready to grab hold of someone he is not happy with, attack mode so to speak. For the most part he is brief and to the point, the video of the Three Howards was....interesting, was he trying to show he is your average guy? Do you think his Dad was shot in a flattering way? And then there is Brookins himself passing out campaign flyers to people at an El station, some looked like they did not want to be bothered with him. None-the-less it is an interesting Web site, in a rather interesting race.
Brookins web site

I’m Howard B. Brookins, Jr. candidate for Cook County State’s Attorney. Currently, I am the alderman and committeeman of the 21st Ward.

I am running for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office because I believe that I am the only candidate who can change the culture of an office which has been maligned by a series of failures and costly mistakes.

The mistakes have cost taxpayers of Cook County, tens of millions of dollars in settlements for a string of wrongful convictions that sent several people to prison. Some were even sent to death row.

I have the experience, the integrity and the discipline to change the direction of the office through a new vision of strength and fairness.

I am well aware of the enormous power and responsibility of this office. To that end, I will work hard to make sure that every decision out of my office is the right decision.

As your Cook County State’s Attorney, I will dedicate myself to you, the homeowner, the business owner, the taxpayer, and the law-abiding citizen.

Under my leadership, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office will work in your interest.

As your next Cook County State’s Attorney, integrity and justice are what I will guarantee.


  1. Levois said...
    LOL!!! You must have gotten this idea from me. I wondered what was up with the couple who just walked away from him. Those videos are very personable perhaps in ways that should get him some good publicity. I wish he done this two or three months ago when he started running. Perhaps he'd have gotten me to actually vote for him.

    I think I see what you mean about his campaign photo too!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I know I could not believe he didn't use any discretion in the video or picture. Yes that was funny the couple walking away from him like he was a Jehova Witness recruiting them.

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