One mystery solved

I grew up rurally challenged and only saw farm animals at the Zoo. But every time I saw this ad in Newsweek or Time, I wondered what this beast was and why you would want to have it in your dreams. OK, mystery solved, it's a beaver, as in the animal and not William Beavers, aka "Hog with big Nuts". One mystery remains, why would you want this beaver in your dreams?
I could understand Lincoln. All you have to do is go to Springfield the State Capital of Illinois to know why this is "The Land of Lincoln" and why that is on our license plates. You can visit Lincoln's home, and walk from there to the Lincoln/Herraden law offices where he worked. And you could walk across the street from his law office to the Old Capital building where the courts were that he tried cases and where he served in the State House of Representatives.
You can also understand why Barak Obama picked Springfield and the Old State Capital to annouce his running for President. You can also see the excitement in this State that we have hope for having another President, since Lincoln.
You can also go out to the Lincoln Tomb, and see on the backside bottom of it, there was a tomb that held Lincoln and one of his son's until the completion of the current one. Yes, walk down the hill the tomb is on and to the back of the tomb and you will see the first tomb. You can take a short drive to New Salem where he lived before moving to Springfield. I can even understand some of the ads with an astronaut, although not ones that are crazed and wear a diaper, that would be a nightmare.
But I just don't understand the Beaver?


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    I do not understand the beaver either. I figured the ad people took too many of the funky pills the drug company had on hand and came up with the idea.

    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Hmmmm, maybe it is because beavers are thought to be full of energy, work hard, and stay busy? An animal like that is not thought to be lazy and asleep very much.

    Nah, I'm sticking with the idea the ad people sampled too many of the 'products' before their brainstorming session. :-)
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Ok Kitty I will have to go with your theory on sampling as well.

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