Taxes, and the State is no where near done on it's budget....

Chicago City Council OK's nearly $6B budget

November 13, 2007
The Chicago City Council today approved Mayor Richard Daley's $5.9 billion budget, including an $86 million property tax increase, the largest during Daley's time in office.

Daley scaled back his proposed property tax increase from $108 million after protests from aldermen and angry taxpayers.

The council's 37-to-13 vote was a change from past budgets, when Daley's plan has passed overwhelmingly. The 2008 plan, effective Jan. 1, calls for $275 million in increased fees, fines and taxes.

For example, along with the higher property tax rate, the city has approved a higher tax rate - to 8 percent from 6 percent - for transactions such as DVD rentals and car leases, which officials say translates into $24 million for the city. A monthly surcharge for 911 calls will also double to $2.50, generating $48 million.

Increases in water and sewer rates will generate $64.7 million, with the average homeowner paying about $45 more a year.

The city will also raise fines on parking violations and the price of city stickers for large vehicles to $120 from $90, expected to raise $6.2 million.

At Tuesday's meeting, aldermen cut a proposed tax on bottled water to 5 cents a bottle from 10 cents a bottle.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Taxes, taxes, and more taxes... Sigh....
    kittybowtie said...
    I think my property taxes are automatically going up 35% because they think my house is worth more. I looked at the list, at hundreds of names, at dozens of names in the big tax thing they put in the local newpspaer. Not one property I saw looked like it went down in value. So, I don't see why they need anything else!

    P.S. What the on signing into Blogger this morning . . . .
    SP Biloxi said...
    35%????? Damn, my property taxes didn't increase as bad as yours. That is highway robbery!!!!

    And kittybowtie, that 35% increase on your home is for the state!!! There is no budget!!!!

    And the deal with your signing into Blogger???

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