A letter from Todd

This was a letter that the Toddler sent to the Tribune for Wednesday October 3rd.
I wonder how much of this was written by Lance Tyson, Chief Handler, a.k.a. Chief of Staff to the Toddler.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "If you get anything right, know that I am in this for the people."

    Cough, cough.. (Burp)..

    Dear Toddler:

    You're full of shit and so is that letter that sent to the newspaper. You know damn well that you will steal the gold teeth out of a person's mouth for your friends and family plan. You let a Senator, a Senator for crying out loud, tell you how you are supposed to your job. That's not leadership, dude! Be a man and admit to your poor leadership and lack of understanding of being a Cook County President! Get your act together and quit playing the blame game and give the taxpayers the common decency of integrity to do your job that you are paid to do!
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    And in the running with the Toddler and Baloneybitch for worst politicians in Illinois is Captain Postcards, who wrote a similar letter, explaining that he is not on the take:

    Captain Postcards
    SP Biloxi said...
    "I'm not anti-gay.'


    You have to explain this me. Why is this nimrod start off this retarded letter to the newspaper with: "I'm not anti-gay." Am I missing something here? What in the hell does this statement has to do with his job as an alderman? And isn't that the dude has to do with that postcard crapola? When is he getting the boot?

    I think that it is pretty stupid of these three turds: Baloneybitch, Toddler, and Postcard Wogen to waste time to write an open letter in a newspaper ('cause I haven't subscribed to a newspaper in over 10 years. So, those three knuckleheads will be waiting for the cows to come home for me to read that newspaper.) when they need to have a town hall meeting with the taxpayers to talk face to face with ni lip service. Sounds like the people in Illnois are tired of the bullshit from those three when you see the deficit in Illnois keeps climbing, lack of payraises, and loss of jobs while certain lawmakers and officals' wallets are fatten with dough.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    OK Kitty what's the scoop? Is Captain postcards paid for by the builders and developers? Who gave to his campaign?

    Ok Biloxi, don't cough so much it causes you to burp! lol

    And the Toddler, sigh I am sure his last PR guy Andre Garner bailed on him and his chief handler Lance Tyson is behind all this, it sounds just like Lance. Andre Garner used to sit through press conferances, meetings etc. like he was just in shock, the look on his face was always like Oh my God, what did I get myself into, I just can't believe this.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "Ok Biloxi, don't cough so much it causes you to burp!"


    Kitty, fill in the potholes!!!

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