Good News for the Far South Side

In case anyone didn't notice the Steeles are everywhere, Mom was Commissioner,then interum CC President, she handed down her Commissioner seat to son Robert, while son Brian is working for the city of Chicago department of transportation I agree the South side needs a lot of Road repairs, and I am happy to see US 41 get much needed repairs. This by the way is in Jackson's ward, and I am glad to see something good come of USS South Works site, even if it means being able to get around better initially then maybe development later.
Chicago to rebuild U.S. 41 on SE Side

October 6, 2007
BY GUY TRIDGELL Staff writer
The crooked route of U.S. 41 on the Southeast Side will get straightened starting next week.
The first stage of relocating and improving U.S. 41 between 79th Street and Ewing Avenue is set to begin Monday.

Chicago Department of Transportation spokesman Brian Steele said the goal is to eliminate U.S. 41's zigzag pattern on residential streets in favor of a new road.

"It goes on roadways that, in a lot of places, are one lane," Steele said. "It is not designed to handle any large traffic volumes."
The improved U.S. 41 will run on a new road between 79th and 87th streets. South of 87th Street to Ewing Avenue, U.S. 41 will be on a rebuilt Avenue O.

Plans call for building two lanes in each direction along the entire stretch, with landscaped medians and dedicated bicycle lanes.
The project will take until 2011 to complete, costing between $50 million and $60 million, Steele said.

The initial phase involves moving utility lines and grading the site. The impact on traffic will be "next to nothing," Steele said.
The finished U.S. 41 will cross over the old U.S. Steel's South Works plant, preparing the property for redevelopment.

Last year, the city reached a tentative agreement with Lakeside Development LLC to convert the old factory property into a residential and commercial development.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "I agree the South side needs a lot of Road repairs, and I am happy to see US 41 get much needed repairs."

    And where is the city and county going to get the money for these repairs? Oh, I know, I know. they don't have the money because people like Stroller pocketed the taxpayers' money.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Ever since Bill Beavers, then daughter Beavers were in the 7th Ward all the closed Steel Mills just lay vacant, just a tall chain link fense around US Steel, Republic Steel etc. What an eyesore, and the roads are bad around there. Sandy Jackson wife of Jesse Jr. promised to do something with this desolate area, and by the way potholes gallore in this part of town. Look they can fine the money in the best neighborhoods, it's time to quit ignoring the South Side, especially this area.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Thanks for the heads up on Beavers' pillow talk mate.
    Anonymous said...
    Dear Third Generation Chicago Native, during the end of summer and autumn 2007, I worked on a photo journal called “41” that required me to walk the north and south sides and Lake Shore Drive. I had traveled through the neighborhood you speak of. I had no idea of the 41 Relocation Program until after I finished taking pictures. I certainly don’t like to see any neighborhood experience neglect, but when I walked past the South Shore neighborhood, I felt the South Chicago neighborhood was neglected. Maybe the new construction is good for the community. But, even so, I walked through it for photography purposes because it has a common thread with all the other neighborhoods that carry the US 41 designation, and it deserves to be photographed as any other street I had to walk on to accomplish the journal. Sincerely, Henry J. Klepczynski, Chicago.

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