<Commissioners Murphy and Sims, the same ones who wanted exempt hiring status for the Commissioners, now they want a 27% increase. The voters in their districts better being paying attention to these two ladies, and vote appropriatley. Of course as I would expect Commissioner Earlean Collins, no surprise, and freshman Commissioner Schneider pleasant surprise how well he is doing, not favor this hike.

Cook County Board members get 27% hike for offices

October 30, 2007
By Steve Patterson
Enough of the belt-tightening, already - it's time to spend some money again.

That's what some Cook County commissioners said Monday in defending what is a 27 percent increase in spending for their offices and new jobs for each one of them.

Board President Todd Stroger is proposing the hikes as part of his 2008 budget, and while some say they won't take it, others say they want it and more.

"I'm not going to cut any staff - I'm just not going to do it," said Commissioner Earlean Collins, the only commissioner to defy demands last year to cut 17 percent from her office budget.

Commissioner Tim Schneider said he never asked for, nor will he take, the $90,000 in extra salaries Stroger is offering his office, saying the county's "in dire straits" and the board should "keep county government at the most efficient level we can" by giving back extra money.

Commissioner Joan Murphy said "maybe (Schneider) doesn't do the amount of work the rest of us do."

"Feel free, if you want, to give yours back, but I'm keeping mine," she said.

Murphy later apologized to Schneider for the verbal attack.

Commissioner Liz Gorman said adding so much to the budget "defies logic."

But Commissioner Deborah Sims suggested that after a year of cuts and holding the line on spending, the board needs even more employees, especially for those who lead committees or who have far-reaching or poor districts.

"I thought all of us were in this together, trying to help the county's bottom line," Commissioner Tony Peraica countered. "It appears some are helping the bottom line more than others."

The board has the option to cut any budgets, including their own, before a final budget is passed.

Stroger is proposing raising the sales, gas and parking taxes to pay for the increases, along with other hikes, that make up a $3.2 billion budget.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Commissioner Tim Schneider said he never asked for, nor will he take, the $90,000 in extra salaries Stroger is offering his office"

    And that is why there is no budget in CC. The hog nut Stroller is still practicing friends and family plan.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Even though Scneider is a GOP and a freshman Commissioner, he is working harder for the people than some of the veteran commissioners. He seems to be on the same wavelength as Commissioner Earlean Collins, who is one of my favorite Commissioners. She always has common sense and puts the constituents first, she is good for Cook County and I only wish the whole Board was like her, and the Toddler.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Chicago Native:

    I no longer look at a poltical party to prejudge. I look for character in all elected officials. The woird corruption has no political barrier line in the dictionary. A crook is a crook. Glad Scneider and Collins are good people.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    The Toddler missed some press conference or something yesterday. His handler did not know where he was. Too bad he can't disappear for the rest of his term. That is a guy who would do less damage if he did nothing at all. It would be better if the taxpayers paid him to watch soap operas all day.
    SP Biloxi said...
    I read about Urkel's no show. Time to get Urkel off the CC commode office and recall him.

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