Some millionaires give to a good cause

What I found shocking is more than 50% of the patients here are on Medicaid, that is sad.
This hospital is located in Lincoln Park as well, a pretty pricey neighborhood.
Lurie Gives $100M To Children's Memorial Hospital
Officials: Gift Is Larest Given By 1 Person To Children's Hospital In U.S.

(CBS) CHICAGO Streeterville is the future home of Children's Memorial Hospital and on Wednesday that project got a big boost: a single donation of $100 million.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports that the giant gift came from a woman who used to work as a nurse at Children's Memorial.

Longtime Chicago philanthropist Ann Lurie received a sustained ovation Wednesday; a thank you for her $100 million gift to Children's Memorial Hospital.

“This truly is a remarkable day in the 125 year history of the Children's Memorial Hospital,” said hospital CEO Pat Magoon.

Hospital officials say the $100 million is the largest gift the hospital has ever received and the biggest donation from an individual to any children's hospital in the U.S.

“I don't give money away frivolously. I see this donation as making an investment in the future of Chicago's children,” Lurie said.

The money will be used to build a new home for Children’s Memorial Hospital in the Streeterville neighborhood, near the Northwestern Memorial Hospital complex. It's set to open in five years.

The new bldg will be bigger than the old location; 50 percent more space for patient care. And it'll have a new name - the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

For Lurie, it is just the latest in a long list of enormous donations to schools, charities and hospitals, including the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern, named for her husband, a real estate developer who died in 1990.

The donation to Children's Memorial has special significance for Ann Lurie. Some of her six children were treated here and she was an intensive care nurse at the hospital 30 years ago.

“I remember a lot of the children that were in that unit. The smallest baby I took care of weighed one pound, eight ounces."

Lurie hopes her donation will inspire others to give to Children's Memorial, but it's hard imagine her generosity will be topped.

Hospital officials were especially grateful for the gift because more than 50 percent of their patients are on Medicaid.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Longtime Chicago philanthropist Ann Lurie received a sustained ovation Wednesday; a thank you for her $100 million gift to Children's Memorial Hospital.'

    Now that's some positive news!!
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    I was shocked that over 50% of the patients are on Medicaid, that is a bad sign for this state, county, country.
    SP Biloxi said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Well with bad management by lawmakers and officials, hiring family and friends, and high number of corrupted officials, that is why there is high number of people on medicaid, low paying jobs, foreclosures and so on. G-Rod has become a problem governor instead of a solution governor. But, I am glad that one woman made difference in Illnois to give 100 million gift. You don't hear more stories like that. We are in the doom and gloom mode at times.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    It is because of people like Ann Lurie who keep parts of Chicago and the formerly Great State of Illinois good.
    SP Biloxi said...
    I realize that the woman's generous gift to Illnois is not going to solve the deficit problems in Illnois. But, it can be tiresome to hear the corruption and doom and gloom everywhere. But, there are unsung heroes that will step up to the plate and make a difference. It is too bad diaperman Baloneybitch can't do his job as governor.
    julez said...
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