Wednesday? Will we have a state budget or state shutdown?

Unless a state budget passes by Wednesday, they could be left without a paycheck.

Henry Sutton works for the Department of Rehabilitation and takes care of patients with health care issues. He's one of 49-thousand workers paid by the state...But for how much longer? If a state budget isn't passed by August 8th, he may not get a paycheck, and doesn't even want to think about what happens if that's the case---
If a budget isn't passed in the 11th hour, essential programs like the department of corrections, state police, and emergency response teams would remain open.

But programs that governor Rod Blagojevich declares non essential could have a closed sign in the window...Like this drivers license facility. Health care programs that help the elderly or children could be also be affected. State legislatures say they're remaining optimistic.
"The word is that we'll be voting on the budget either Tuesday or Wednesday."

Koehler says the hold-up comes from ongoing philosophical differences between Blagojevich and the leaders of the house and senate.
"13:38:15 the big issues are of course education funding, capital bill, and health care bill."
Lawmakers say state workers will eventually get pay or backpay if a budget doesn't pass... It's just a matter of when.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Let's hope so, Chicago Native!
    SP Biloxi said...
    I hope your state can pass the budget quickly.

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