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Somehow I don't think all truckers obey this speed limit, I have been passed up by many trucks....well when I may have gone slightly cough, cough over the car speed limit. Appropriate to the truck story a piece on Ryan, when he was Secretary of State you could buy a CDC licence. And I wonder what does Patrick Collins do cartwheels over?
So I am not a trucker, but I have been on Illinois Highways and Tollways enough to wonder...Do they only go 55? Speaking of trucks it was buying truck licences at the DMV when former George Ryan was then Secretary of State that first kicked off the investigations?
Blagojevich vetoes truck speed limit bill
By Times Staff | Wednesday, August 22, 2007
SPRINGFIELD — Despite widespread support among Illinois lawmakers, Gov. Rod Blagojevich has again put the brakes on a plan to raise the speed limit for truckers.

Without comment, the governor vetoed legislation Monday that would have allowed large trucks to go a maximum of 65 mph on rural interstate highways, up from the current limit of 55 mph.

This spring marked the third time the General Assembly had sent the proposal to Blagojevich since he took office. It received 90 of 118 “yes” votes in the House and was approved in the Senate by a similar margin.

Supporters say Illinois roads would be safer if cars, which can go a maximum of 65 mph, and trucks had the same uniform speed limit. The proposal would reduce tailgating and eliminate the need for cars to weave around slower trucks while changing lanes, backers say.

In the past, however, Blagojevich has argued that faster-moving trucks compound the likelihood and severity of accidents.

— Times Springfield Bureau

Ex Gov Ryan staying strong?
Ryan 'staying strong'

August 22, 2007
Former Gov. George Ryan's conviction on corruption charges was upheld Tuesday but the once-powerful Republican got a reprieve from having to report to prison -- for now.

A federal appellate court late Tuesday allowed Ryan and his co-defendant, Larry Warner, to remain free for at least two more weeks as it weighs a further appeal from the former governor.

Tuesday began with a three-judge panel from the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals turning down Ryan's and Warner's request for a new trial by a 2-1 decision.

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Three judges agreed former Gov. George Ryan could remain free until the full court takes up the matter.
(Scott Stewart/Sun-Times file)

Do you think former Gov. George Ryan should have been granted a retrial?

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• Ryan's 1st choice for prison would pay him 12 cents an hour
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The law firm of Winston & Strawn has spent an estimated $20 million defending former Gov. George Ryan. Yes, a juror did bring improper outside information into deliberations at Ryan's trial and "there is no doubt this should not have happened," the two-judge majority wrote. The judges also acknowledged that the sudden removal of an outspoken juror after eight days of deliberations was irregular.
"The trial may not have been picture-perfect," the two judges wrote in the majority opinion.

Dissenting Judge Michael Kanne called that "a whopping understatement by any measure." The jury deliberations were "dysfunctional" and U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer was "irresolute," he wrote, concluding that Ryan and Warner did not get a fair trial.
"The obvious -- but onerous -- way to address this situation was a mistrial," he wrote.
Former Gov. James Thompson, one of Ryan's lawyers, held out hope Kanne's "powerful dissent" might spark a rehearing of the case before all nine of the appellate court's active members.
"This case -- in terms of the management of the jury and the substitution of jurors after eight days of deliberation -- is unprecedented," Thompson said. "No court anywhere has ever deprived a defendant of his life and liberty under these circumstances."
Initially, it looked as if Ryan might have to report to prison by Friday morning. But his fortune changed by 5 p.m. when the three judges agreed he could remain free until the full court takes up the matter.
Ryan could eventually take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court, but experts hold out little hope. "He's not going to win there -- this was his best shot," said DePaul University law Professor Len Cavise.
Some jurors in the case praised the upholding of Ryan's conviction last year for using his office to shower rewards on friends and family.
"What I want to know is: How many judges will it take for Ryan and his team to find out that nothing was wrong?" Juror Jim Cwick asked. "Judge Pallmeyer ruled we didn't do anything wrong. Now you've got the appeals court saying nothing was wrong. I think it's time he start serving his sentence."
But juror Evelyn Ezell, whose ouster from deliberations was a focal point of Ryan's appeal, called the ruling unfair. "The bottom line was that George was railroaded for pardoning blacks and other minorities," she said, referring to Ryan's historic decision to clear Illinois' Death Row. "There is no way that you can say that jury was not flawed."

Lead prosecutor Patrick Collins, now in private practice, said the majority opinion was right: "I think what this opinion states is, while it was not a perfect trial, Judge Pallmeyer gave George Ryan a fair trial.

"I'm not here doing cartwheels," Collins added. "On a human level I feel bad for Mr. Ryan and Mr. Warner. I don't wish them ill."


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Despite widespread support among Illinois lawmakers, Gov. Rod Blagojevich has again put the brakes on a plan to raise the speed limit for truckers.'

    Baloneybitch is on crack. He wants to raise the speed limit for truckers? Look for more accidents and fatalities. Has that moron figured out that trucks shouldn't go 65 mph in hazardous weather sch as rain, snow, and so on. Baloneybitch has two asses instead of one!

    And my vote is for windbag Ryan to take his ass to prison, do not pass go or collect $200.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    OK, Baloneybitch has time to work on that but not the budget?
    SP Biloxi said...

    I read your comments on my blog and responded to you. So, the Napoleon governor hasn't finished the budget. He can demand the an increase on the speed limit for truckers but he can't work on the budget. Go figure.

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