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Thursday, Aug 23, 2007

* 11:39 am - The governor has finally filed his veto message on the budget. The line item and reduction veto message is 79 pages long and not posted online yet. Stay tuned.

* 11:54 am - LIS has updated the bill status to reflect the vetoes, but the veto message is not yet available.

* 11:59 am - Press release from the guv’s office. Without seeing the message itself, it looks like he didn’t touch the Senate Democrats’ pork…

In the budget the Governor signed today, he cut a total of $463 million in spending:

$15.8 million reduced from constitutional office budgets for personnel and other grants;

$141.3 million reduced from legislative add-ons; and
$306 million reduced in other agency spending.

Many of the legislative add-ons that were eliminated had little to do with the core mission of state government, such as funding for:

o outdoor volleyball court improvements
o an international dance exhibition
o a foreign delegation for a sister city program
o a drill team
o an elevator for event catering at a private cultural center
o parking lot and gymnasium improvements for private schools
o beautification project for a national railroad company
o planning funds for an Arboretum

Last week Gov. Blagojevich announced his plan to use his executive rule-making authority to bolster state healthcare programs and give 500,000 more Illinoisans access to affordable health coverage and services, including;

o Every uninsured woman in Illinois will be eligible to get screened and treated for breast and cervical cancer, greatly improving cancer outcomes and saving lives.

o Poor adults who are not eligible for Medicaid will have the chance to see a doctor regularly and get the prescription medications they need.

o More working and middle-class uninsured parents will receive access to health coverage at affordable rates through the Family Care program.

o Children in the All Kids program who have pre-existing conditions will continue to have access to affordable health insurance up to age 21.

o Families struggling with the high cost of health insurance premiums will be able to apply for yearly subsidies worth 20% of their annual premiums, up to $1,000.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Interesting budget by Baloneybitch. And in the hell the legislative add-ons get in the budget from the get go? Sigh..
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Some of the additional addons including funding improvements for private schools, and elevator, etc, ya those could be cut. Some of the health care issues will help out Cook County Hospital, in getting reimbursed for those services, provided that Cook County has worked out their billing and coding issues.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Chicago Native:

    From looking at Baloneybitch's budget from the link, it is very clear to me that your governor doesn't know how to run a budget: for the state of Illnois or any budget. His cuts should have basically started first with himself, meaning, his expenses! He hasn't clearly thought out thoroughly a real plan to get Illnois back into the black. There isn't a 2-4 year plan, or any time of plan to set short and long term goals. He is too much Napoleon like nimrod that wants things his way: my way or the highway.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Speaking of Gov's who can't pass a budget how is yours doing?
    SP Biloxi said...
    The budget still hasn't passed. the governor is now blaming the Democrats. Major healthcare issue here. The more time that the budget doesn't get passed, the more harder for people to get medical needs here. I will let you know more. Pretty bad here...

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