And this is why Judy Baar Topinka should quit politics

Here is Judy Baar Topinka's arrogant article written and published in the Chicago Tribune. Judy Baar Toninka who worked closely with the former Governor Ryan, who is still free on appeal, Judy Baar Topinka in a Blue State where no GOP hold any high office, who unsuccessfully ran for Governor of this State, and she wonders why we have had it with her. It's art Judy, have you ever seen anything like this before? It's Unique, it Art, get over it Judy. The Miro, right accross from Daley Plaza with the fork thing on it's head is kind of strange, the plastic white piece with black trim in front of the State of Illinois, a.k.a. Thompson Center is unique, the Picasso at Daley Plaza is certainly different, so is the Flamingo accross from the Dirksen Building. What is Art to some may not be to others
Spindle in need of a tow truck
No town wants to be known for 'public art' that would be more at home in an auto graveyard, writes Judy Baar Topinka

Judy Baar Topinka is a former treasurer of Illinois and represented the west suburbs in the legislature
August 3, 2007
It has solid bungalows and beautiful Victorian homes. It is great for commuting because of the Metra and its location between two major expressways. It has great ethnic restaurants. And finally, it has good, community-oriented citizens.

But what is it known for? It is the "Burrrrr-wyn" of "Svengoolie," and the site of a vertical, auto graveyard known as "Spindle."

Yes, the "Spindle" did put Berwyn into the movie "Wayne's World." But no other community is bucking to be in something as spoof-oriented and goofy as that film. You don't see Hinsdale or Bolingbrook or Riverside seeking something like the "Spindle" to get notoriety. No community of standing wants to be known for having something better placed in a used-car lot.

Yes, tourists come with cameras and pose in front of the stack of deteriorating cars. These photos are probably sent to homes around the world. And what is the message? That Berwyn prides itself on having a pile of junk cars as its claim to fame. How disrespectful of all that is good and worthy in Berwyn to shout about.

In my days as a reporter and as an Illinois legislator, I received numerous complaints about the "Spindle" and some of the other alleged works of art at Cermak Plaza. People recognized that the "Spindle" was just plain junk. But it was not as bad as "Big Bil-Bored." That piece of expensive garbage, facing busy Harlem Avenue, was a three-story concrete pork-chop-shaped "sculpture" with pieces of landfill trash stuck into it. What a commentary it and the "Spindle" were about Berwyn, sort of a one-two punch.

I spoke to David Bermant, the now-deceased owner of the plaza, when these "works of art" first started appearing there. I noted that there were complaints, especially that the artworks encouraged bird droppings and provided a breeding ground for mosquitoes. An elderly, rather acerbic gentleman, Bermant was not put off by the complaints or my comments. In fact, he said I was representative of the "rednecks" who inhabited the area. If anything, he was going to show us what good art was. He was going to "educate" us, if you will, to appreciate art.

There was no way to get at the junk legally since it was on private property, and I certainly did not want to limit what people could put on their lawns. And so, the "Spindle," "Big Bil-Bored" and other assorted alleged artworks plagued Cermak Plaza until they fell apart on their own or were removed when plaza ownership changed.

The "Spindle" is all that is left, eight cars shish kebabed one on top of another as they rust and rot.

Walgreens wants to put a drugstore on the spot, giving the cars their just reward -- a spot in the auto graveyard where they can disintegrate out of public view.

Sure, the "Spindle" has its supporters, and they are circulating a petition to save it in some way. But to what end? The cars are old and falling apart. Where would the "Spindle" go? Remain at the plaza? Be relocated to the front yard of a school or by the south Berwyn train depot? Do we really want this thing?

The "Spindle" was a pipe dream of a gentleman who felt he could impose his taste in art on others. All he did was to trivialize a great community like Berwyn.

Berwyn deserves better.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    You have to clue me in to who Judy Baar Topinka is. I am unfamiliar with me.

    Nice art work!
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    Judy was the state treasurer and while Gov. Orange Jumpsuit Ryan was the gov. and his buddy. Then, she ran against BaloneyBitch and lost, because she was associated with Ryan, and people thought she either helped or at the least, looked away while he was being naughty.

    That's what voters got as a "choice" for gov. in Illinois. BaloneyBitch or Topinka Asleep at the Switch.
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    P.S. Gary Coleman or that X-rated whatever her name was (Mary something?) in California probably would have done better than either one of those.
    SP Biloxi said...
    Sounds garbage vs. garbage to pick from for governor.

    And it's Mary Carey, kittybowtie. She was the chick that ran for governor in CA and who wanted lap dancing legal. ;-)

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