Will the State of Illinois be up and running tomorrow?

Guv asks state workers to show up to avoid shutdown


Gov. Rod Blagojevich is telling state employees to report to work Wednesday even if a temporary budget is not passed.
In a letter being distributed to employees today, Blagojevich said he is "asking for your cooperation to avoid a shutdown of government services by reporting to work (Wednesday)...''
Blagojevich assured employees that they will be paid in full for their service when a permanent state budget is finally approved. However, he also noted that if the budget impasse continues indefinitely -- and another temporary budget is not approved -- some employees may not be paid on schedule.
The letter states that all benefits, including health insurance, will remain in effect despite the lack of a budget. Blagojevich also said Credit Union 1 is prepared to provide short-term, no interest loans to credit union members who are state employees.
Blagojevich issued the letter just hours before a temporary budget expires that kept the state operating in July. The governor has asked lawmakers to approve another temporary budget for August, but the four legislative leaders said they are concentrating on crafting a permanent budget plan.letter from Guv to IL State Employees

City of Chicago having budget problemsMayor Daley on Monday dropped the other shoe on Chicagoans bracing for a post-election tax increase: There's a whopping $217.7 million hole in his 2008 budget that can only be filled with revenue hikes, layoffs, spending cuts, or a painful mix of the three.


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    "Gov. Rod Blagojevich is telling state employees to report to work Wednesday even if a temporary budget is not passed."

    And when is G-Rod's paycheck withheld until he passes the budget?
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    They at least grounded his $5K a day private airplane addiction. I hope anyone calculating the average miles commuted between home and work for Illinois added his Chicago to Springfield nonsense.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "They at least grounded his $5K a day private airplane addiction."

    Yeah, kittybowtie. That may sound ducky but the dude's purse, called the check, should be taken away. When he can't go get a latte or pay his mortgage on his home or pay his car note, maybe he will rethink about passing the budget and look at the harm that he is doing to the state. He is not taken personal responsibility as a governor.

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