Fur is still flying in Springfield and a John Stroger update

Down in Springfield
SPRINGFIELD -- Gov. Rod Blagojevich accused Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan of acting like a right-wing Republican, and Madigan led the House in rejecting a major part of the governor's budget proposal Friday.
The House voted 78-6 against Blagojevich's idea of shoring up shaky state pension systems by privatizing the state lottery and borrowing billions of dollars to reinvest.
Blagojevich dismissed the House vote as predictable. He attributed the outcome to Madigan, chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party, joining ``a right-wing Republican effort'' to block a budget that would expand social services.
His comments came after a two-hour meeting with Senate Democrats, who urged the Democratic governor to adopt a more conciliatory tone in hopes of settling an impasse that has pushed the legislative session into overtime.
But Blagojevich emerged to offer harsh criticism of Madigan.
``The way to be able to finally get budgets that achieve the objective of health care and education for families is to get Mr. Madigan to be a Democrat again and stop being a George Bush Republican,'' Blagojevich said.
Madigan spokesman Steve Brown rejected Blagojevich's criticism and accused the governor of deepening the budget deadlock. ``I just don't understand what a constant stream of insults will do to resolve the budget crisis,'' he said.
Making some progress in Springfield

Meanwhile on the Toddster Watch(Crain’s) — Cook County Board President Todd Stroger conceded Thursday that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer months earlier than his staff had previously announced, but said he hid the matter until very recently because of concern for his mother.

Answering media questions for the first time since surgery to remove his prostate last month, Mr. Stroger said he did not intend to deceive voters or Democratic Party officials about his ability to hold office, but rather meant to keep a burden from his mother, Yonnie, who was dealing with the illness of her husband, John Stroger Jr.

John Stroger suffered a major stroke just a week before the March Democratic primary. Voters nominated him to be re-elected to a new term, but he stepped down three months later and his son Todd replaced him on the Democratic party’s general election ballot.

Last month, when news surfaced that Todd Stroger had cancer and would undergo an operation, his staff said he first was diagnosed in August — before the 2006 general election, but after he already had been named to replace his father on the ballot.


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But Thursday, Todd Stroger said he actually was diagnosed “somewhere around April or May” — at least several weeks before he became the Democratic nominee.

Why the delay? “To be honest, I didn’t want to discuss it with my mother while she was going through all the other things” with his father, Mr. Stroger said. Ms. Stroger wasn’t informed until “about two weeks ago,” just before the news became public, said Mr. Stroger, who spoke with reporters by telephone from his home.

Mr. Stroger, 44, said he saw no conflict between his familial and public duties because his condition was diagnosed early as “nothing life threatening.”

Other officials, such as former Gov. Jim Edgar, went public with their medical problems earlier because they were more serious — in Mr. Edgar’s case, heart bypass surgery — Mr. Stroger said. “(This) will not affect my performance as president of the County Board. . . .It’s not like a brain tumor that’s growing quickly.”

Mr. Stroger said he feels “not too bad, a little soreness.” He said his physicians tell him that “everything looks clear.”

Mr. Stroger’s staff initially said only that he was undergoing a “routine” medical procedure. Mr. Stroger blamed that and the discrepancy over the diagnosis date on bad communication within his office.

“I’ve never told you anything that isn’t true,” he said. “People can say what they want, but I’ve found no reason not to be truthful.”

Mr. Stroger is scheduled to return to the office on a limited basis next week. He said his father, John, is in “stable” but “not improving” condition.

And this is also the first update on Daddy Stroger


  1. SP Biloxi said...
    Well, which is it? April, May, or August? Or it the medication that is affecting Urkel's brain?

    Chicago Native:

    Urkel is milking the taxpayer. It is amazing that he is saying that his recovery is not life threatening yet collecting a check from home. Oh, I'm sorry. Urkel is working from home.. Right...
    KittyBowTie1 said...
    OK, I saw the Elvis statue in the background so I've got to go with the Japanese Prime Minister for the next governor of Illinois. At least that is one Elvis fan that can get things done.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Yes, that was a picture of Rod's nonworking office at our Capital.

    Yes, shocking news, John Stroger not progressing well, after hearing from yes, Dr. Robert Simon, himself and now interim Chief Bureau of Health that they expect John Stroger to bounce right back. Yes Toddler is working from home, just like his daddy was running the County after his stroke.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "Yes Toddler is working from home, just like his daddy was running the County after his stroke."

    But, Urkel is looking for sympathy from the taxpayers for his health conditions. Good health or not, Urkel is a crook and he should be removed from office. Sorry that I sound a bit crass but Urkel has got to go.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Daddy did it for around 4 months, yes ran Cook County after his stroke, ya right. But he collected a paycheck as well.
    SP Biloxi said...
    "But he collected a paycheck as well."

    So, it is safe to say to get hire on the Family and Friends plan by Urkel because you are guarantee a paycheck: ill, working, or not working.

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