Stroger hospital not being used by the Strogers

If anyone saw the last Cook County Board Meeting, Dr. Robert Simon, interim Chief Bureau of Health, spent a lot of time letting everyone know that the Cook County Hospitals are just as good if not better than the Mayo Clinic. Why hasn't either Stroger, Toddster or Daddy ever been a patient there?


  1. KittyBowTie1 said...
    As good or better than Mayo? What was the good doctor smoking before that media appearance? Well, I would expect that if you got a gunshot wound, they would be really, really experienced about those types of injuries at Stroger H.
    Third Generation Chicago Native said...
    Supposidly according to Dr. Simon in his long presentation, complete with overheads, most trama patients are due to blunt injury, e.g. from construction accidents, and car accidents.
    Because of all the gunshots wounds happening mostly on the South Side of Chicago, Christ Advocate is now the leader in ER gun shot wounds.
    And Dr. Simon still oversees the ER at Rush? Now how does he have time to do both well?
    Yes, he was pleading with the Board to come up with another 119 million dollars to keep this "GEM" as he referred to the CC health system, going.
    Actually CC Hosp. is best at it's burn unit, they still rank number one.
    If you get a gunshot wound ask to go to Christ b/c they are the most experienced, Burn - Stroger, Heart failure -Loyola, neonatal - Lutheran General.
    SP Biloxi said...
    And it is a slap in face to have Urkel's daddy name on a hospital that Urkel doesn't use and that same Stroller hospital is in financial trouble. That's like owning a Shell gas station and pushing your car across the street to Chevron to pump gas. The entire Stroller family are hypocrites.

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